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If you are a law office, paralegal or legal services supplier or any form of business and have questions for CanLaw or wish to obtain our phone number or wish to advertise or list on CanLaw, please email us

If you are a personal injury lawyer or a criminal lawyers or any other type of lawyers we have clients for you. If you are in Toronto, or Dawson Creek or anywhere else, CanLaw clients need your legal advice and or legal services.

We will contact you to answer your questions very promptly during EST business hours.

We will provide you with any further information you need to help determine which advertising program is the right option for you.


All legitimate businesses are welcome on CanLaw.

You do not have to be a lawyer or a law firm to take advantage of our advertising options.

You should contact us for more information on how we can tailor our advertising options for you and help you reach your target audience through exposure on or our related web sites.

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CanLaw is happy to refer you to our recommended lawyers and solicitors who can answer your legal questions and give you legal advice no matter what your case, Be it  an attorney for Criminal, Civil, Real Estate matters, a car accident lawyer or any other type of legal advice. If you need legal aid we can help.

 Our service is free of charge. To stay within the law and rules governing legal advice and lawyers, CanLaw cannot give legal advice or opinions to anyone at any time. Ask our lawyers.

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