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Some People Never Learn? Antonin Pribatec should get the facts before he blogs about CanLaw


"It's too bad that the only people who can run this country are busy driving cabs and cutting hair" . . . George Burns

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"Sacred cows make the best hamburger."
-- Mark Twain

"Thankfully" this is a list of the wrongfully convicted for murder in Canada and NOT the wrongfully executed for murder. Author unknown

Robert Baltovich
Michael Burns
Sebastian Burns
Rodney Cain
Wilbert Coffin
Jason Dix
Jim Driskell
James Driskell:
Jody Druken
Randy Druken
Hugues Duguay
Michel Dumont
Peter Frumusa
Walter Gillespie and Robert Mailman
Clayton Johnson
Yvonne Johnson
Herman Kaglik
Darren Koehn
Kulaveeringsam "Kulam" Karthiresu
Stephen Leadbeater
Donald Marshall.
Chris McCullough
Michael McTaggart
Felix Michaud
David Milgaard
Guy Paul Morin.
Shannon Murrin
Jamie Nelson
Greg Parsons
Benoit Proulx
Atif Rafay
Louise Reynolds
Thomas Sophonow
Gary Staples
Billy Taillefer
Steven Truscott
Joe Warren
Leon Walchuk

Capital punishment has NO place in a civilized society. 

Declawing cats banned in Israel
From Friday's Globe and Mail
Published Thursday, Dec. 08, 2011 5:35PM EST
Believing in claws
“Israel, land of shredded couch corners?” asks “Maybe. At the end of November, the country passed a bill that bans the declawing of cats – with some seriously stiff penalties. Those convicted of the crime will face up to a year in prison and a $20,000 [U.S.] fine, reports Discover. If the idea of banning the practice shocks you, you’re probably American. About 25 per cent of cats [in the United States] are believed to be declawed, but doing so is illegal in Europe, Australia, Brazil and beyond (and, Discover notes, in a few California cities).”


Follow CanLaw on Twitter Obesity is only the result, the real problem is gluttony. jki

What the world needs now is freedom from religion. jki

Whenever you find you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. -Mark Twain


For evil to triumph . . .

It is time to revise Edmund Burke's famous dictum to read "In order for evil to triumph, it is only necessary for good Muslims to do nothing."

And "good" Muslims are doing nothing in the face of a well established, Islamic extremist network.

Every time the world recoils from yet another Islamic terror bombing or atrocity, good Muslims tell us that Islam is a religion of peace. The facts contradict that.

Islamic leaders, be they Imams or Ayatollahs, preach hate and good Muslims do nothing.

Islamic terrorists kill time and again and good Muslims do nothing.

When Islam calls for the killing of those who insult their beliefs, including authors, cartoonists and journalists, good Muslims do nothing.

When Islam calls for the murder of all apostates, good Muslims do nothing.

When Islamic leaders brainwash their male youth into believing that suicide bombers, designed to murder as many bystanders as possible, will be rewarded in paradise by being given 72 sexual slaves to rape at will, good Muslims do nothing.

Where are the voices of good Muslims during the preaching of all this hate?

They are silent and silence is assent.

No one can have a higher opinion of him than I have, and I think he's a dirty little beast.. . . - W. S. Gilbert

The opinions on this page are the opinions of the authors only.


Vegetarians are living proof that meat is essential in order to develop a brain - - - -jki

I'm not sure I want popular opinion on my side -- I've noticed those with the most opinions often have the fewest facts. - Bethania McKenstry



There is absolutely no justice or fair treatment for men in family law in Canada (or any other English common law country) where feminism reigns.

I have worked in the fathers rights area for decades and have achieved nothing since the laws are so biased and because most men will not act until it is too late. They refuse to believe they can lose their home, their kids, their job and their future and end up in jail in the blink of an eye. All it takes is for one woman to say " he hit me." and it is all over for the man. Truth has no bearing in the issue. Women know this and make false allegations every day. When ultimately, if proven to be false, the man is cleared, it is too late. He still has lost home, kids, job etc and now he has to pay and pay even after he dies, or go to debtors' prison

Men dare not go to school yards or parks without a woman along, or they are automatically assumed to be predators. They dare not teach in grade schools.

Men live in fear of sexual harassment nonsense from female workers and associates

I get requests for help from men every day of the week at CanLaw. It is heart wrenching. I know and they are going to learn the hard way, that they are about to be destroyed by the very woman they have supported and "loved."

I also get requests for help from women every day. I have never seen such consistent anger, hatred and greed as I see in so many women (not all but a high percentage) using CanLaw for legal help. They will betray and attack anyone, their spouses, their employers, their families and they especially love to sue their doctors.

Nevertheless I help all men, women and children who seek help and I do it for free. Over the past 13 years, I have helped somewhere in the neighbourhood of 300,000 people with their legal problems.

Now before you attack me again, what is it YOU do to help people?

"This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religions in it." - John Adams

Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction. -Blaise Pascal

We must respect the other fellow's religion, but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart. -- H. L. Mencken, Minority Report (1956)Is it now a crime to be normal?

A man's respect for law and order exists in precise relationship to the size of his paycheck.
- Adam Clayton Powell Jr.



Judges across Canada are complaining about being criticized, as if they have some sort of royal perogative and are above the rest of us. There is no doubt that many judges believe themselves to be superior beings. Criticism is long overdue.

There are judges who have been charged, tried and convicted of criminal offences.

  • In BC, the Honourable Judge David Ramsay is currently serving 7 years for sex offences against children. He is a convicted pedophile and was raping children while sitting on the bench. His crimes were public knowledge yet it took three full years before he was even charged.

  • In Quebec, a racist, the HonourableJudge Beinvenue claimed that "jews did not suffer" in the concentration camps. Is that a man fit to judge anyone?

  • An HonourableJudge named Fiaffe (sp) was convicted of money laundering.

  • A former FLQ terrorist was appointed to the Quebec bench. It took years to get this criminal removed.

  • In Vancouver a known common drunk with numerous drunk driving convictions was never once disciplined, This Honourable criminal was permitted to remain on the bench till he eventually retired.

  • In Toronto, the Honourable Judges Marion Cohen and Susan Lang were appointed because they were women.
  • Recently another Honourable Judge was found to be extorting sex from prostitutes in return for easy treatment.


No doubt there are many, many more judges who are in fact common criminals but for the fact that they are being sheltered by a corrupt system

So, do you really think judges should be exempt from criticism?

It is time that we examine judges and their many foibles. Judges are human beings and come in wide ranges of competence. I have seen good judges having bad days on the bench and bad judges having good days.

As one who has spent hundreds of days in courts and observed thousands of cases, I can assure you that judges are in need of severe criticism. More importantly, we need to create a mechanism to publicly review judges' performance. We also need to replace the ineffectual judicial councils with a forum which will discipline and remove judges where needed. The existing judicial councils erroneously believe their function is to protect judges from the public, not the public from judges. But then, the judicial councils are comprised entirely of judges. They will protect their own at any cost.

I have seen some judges drunk on the bench, some sleeping during hearings. I have seen most judges at times indulge in violent temper tantrums, and be rude, arrogant, condescending and cruel to lawyers and citizens appearing before them

I have seen many judges routinely ignore the law and the evidence. I have seen incompetent judges, sexist judges and racist judges.

Lawyers have told me horror stories about the aberrant behaviour of judges. There is a judge in Ontario lawyers call Dr Death. Many judges are just mean bastards. However all lawyers know that to be seen publicly criticizing a judge is professional suicide. Vindictive judges will take their revenge on the lawyers clients.

We have had quite a few judges on our benches who are convicted criminals, including even a convicted FLQ terrorist.

There are so many judges who are acoholics and/or drug addicts that Ontario has found it necessary to set up alcohol and addiction counselling services for judges. There are enough with such serious mental problems that there is even a suicide hot line for judges and lawyers. What does that suggest?

Judges operate in open court, but the public seldom attends. If they did, they would be stunned. The media generally refrains from ever commenting on judges deportment or competence.

My position is clear. We need to take remake the entire system of judicial appointments and performance reviews so that judges who develop the common judicial disease of megalomania, can be brought to heel or removed.

Will the system change? Not likely. The public sees the judiciary as an important trash removal system and do not care if innocent people routinely get swept away. That is they do not care until it happens to them, and then it is too late


Subject Make the police pay personally
Dec 19 2004

Former Police Chief Fantino, the Toronto Cracker, is a knuckle walking throwback.

Apparently the Chief of the Toronto Goon Squad has put his foot in it with the homosexual and lesbian factions..... yet again. He recently settled a class action brought by modest lesbians who were upset at being seen semi naked in a bath house by male police officers during a raid. These would probably be the same lesbians who strut naked down Church Street in their annual parade, but never mind.

He agreed to pay them $350,000 to assuage their offended modesty. Opportunistic greed strikes again, but here both sides are wrong. The matter of gay exploitation of normal people aside..... it has raised a fundamental question.

When the police in Toronto or anywhere else in Canada screw up, which the Toronto force does on a regular basis, it is not the police officers who pay these enormous settlements. It is you and I the taxpayers.

The police get free legal counsel, if suspended they are on full salary pending resolution of any legal problems and you and I pay and pay and pay. The officers get off scot free even when a civil judgment is rendered against them. They learn nothing and continue to violate people's civil rights with impunity.

OK let's make them pay. It is the only way we can get them to change. They need to learn that they are not above the law. So from now on, when ever a civil judgment against a police department is made, take it out of the salaries of the entire force. Hit each and every office in the wallet.

Want to bet that will make the police wake up?


What Has Happened To Us?

The mess in family law, in divorce, custody and access can't be just the fault of one or the other of the genders. Yes, lots of men and lots of women are inhumane, selfish, greedy and all round nasty people. But not everyone and certainly not the majority. Are you perfect? Am I?

Family law turns people into blood enemies, The divorce industry thrives on the misery of couples and children. The bigger the mess they can create, the more money they can make. Yes, that is part of the problem, but not all.

We have completely lost a moral centre. I am not talking about religion, though religion is a big a part of the problem.

No, we no longer keep our word.

We ignore the golden rule. It is too corny. We no longer tolerate the weakness and foibles of others but expect them to tolerate ours. Hard work is out. Self indulgence is in. Yes this is also part of the problem, but not all.

When we meet someone, we have sex as a prelude to getting to know their name. We move into together with a total stranger and play house, because anything is better then spending Saturday night alone.

Marriage is now nothing more then the new, preferred method of dating. That way no one has go get up in the middle of the night and go home.... And if something better comes along, dump the current paramour and move on. Hell marriage is only a piece of paper that gives us a tax deduction.

When we discover that we really don't like this stranger we married, we have kids as a distraction. If the kids cramp our style, we toss them in daycare and dope them with Ritalin so we are not inconvenienced.

Blaming each other is pointless in most cases. So often both parties are spoiled, selfish, narcissistic slobs who are not capable of mature self sacrifice, hard work and the honesty needed to make a marriage work. If one party forgets to pick up the Hagen Daz, the other party screams abuse.

All these are part of the problem.

As a society we have lost our way. We avoid all commitment, to spouses, to work, to education and most of all to ourselves. We seem to believe the world owes us a living.

How can we change these things? Simple. Start with ourselves. Practice keeping our word. Look out for number two.for once. Instead of expecting the world to change to meet our needs, maybe if we just set our own standards and lived by them we would find our corner of the world gets better.

Maybe. Maybe we improve the world, one person at a time. Starting with ourselves.

J Kirby Inwood


The Tyranny of the Minorities

Political correctness has become the primary weapon used against freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Now it is even being extended to control or limit your freedom of assembly and association.

Minorities are not at a disadvantage in Canada or other western countries. In fact they live enviable lives.

The high profile minorities have commandeered special treatment and privileges that most other Canadians simply do not have They suppress dissent by attacking their opponents as racist or sexist or any kind of "ist" they can invent.

People who take an opposing stand to some of the vocal minority groups are routinely attacked as racist, sexist, anti semite or homophobic by those who make handsome livings from government grants to promote the special treatment and privilege masquerading as freedoms in Canada.

They bully, using false accusations, intimidation and claims of harassment in the name of "charter rights" and political correctness. . . and they get away with it

In fact many of these groups have become like the pigs in Animal Farm. They exploit. They are now the problem not the solution. And if calling someone a pig offends, remember that for decades women called all men pigs and were rewarded for what was simply hate.

Being a member of a minority group does not make one correct. Just politically correct.

If you have an opinion on an issue, you are entitled to it. You do not have to accept that minority groups are right and you are wrong any more than you have to accept that your neighbour's religion is holier then yours.

Discrimination is wrong. But today it seems that the vocal militant minorities are the primary discriminators, not the general public. Charter rights challenges have become a huge industry The three most vocal groups in Canada, Indians, Feminists and Homosexuals account for some 80% of all the human rights law suits brought before the Supreme Court of Canada. Yet Canada is easily the most tolerant, non discriminatory nation on the planet.

Our minorities have many more "rights" then the rest of us. They certainly have far more rights then they would in most of the rest of the world.

The general public, it seems, has been brain washed into a deep fear that criticizing the position or opinions of a minority group member makes them some sort of politically incorrect monster.

Not so. These groups have learned to use the media, the courts and the police as weapons to control and limit the freedom of the rest of us. There is no doubt that some minority group members flaunt and exploit their differences, apparently believing that only they have grasped truth and are in fact somehow, like True Believers, actually superior to the majority of Canadians.

Canadians have every right to disagree with the politically correct tyrants shouting down all who disagree with them

Canadians have every right to support the rights of the majority or to hold an unpopular opinion despite the various 'isms and a pandering press.

Members of both minorities and majorities have all the rights that the rest of us have.

The problem is not an issue of rights. The real problem is that so many of the vocal minority groups are not seeking equal rights, they are seeking, and getting, special privileges.

Kirby Inwood is a Canadian veteran of the family law wars and a long term father's rights activist who advocates that women are abusing men and destroying families and fatherhood in their headlong rush to "independence" and that children are paying the price. He has fought for changes in society's perception of men as the source of all evil and has long been a favourite target of Militant Feminists who work very hard to suppress him and his views.

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What the world needs now is freedom from religion. jki

Whenever you find you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. -Mark Twain


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