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How many other Milgards, Marshalls, Morins and Nelles are still buried in our Canadian jails? What about Robert Baltovic, wrongly convicted of murder, when there may not even have been a murder??

How Can You Have "RIGHTS" If They Can Be Denied? Rights are not privileges, they are rights and are, or should be, absolute in so far as you do not use them to harm others...(classic example: your freedom of speech does not permit you to cry fire in a theatre.)... but in Canada, the courts routinely violate our rights.

Click here Canadian Criminal Justice AssociationThe CCJA is a membership organization dedicated to the improvement of the criminal justice system in Canada.

Click here Battered Men - The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence

Women actually abuse, assault and kill men more often then the reverse. Surprised? The facts are plain, but the feminist lobby has supressed the research. See for yourself. Excellent site on Battered MenBattered Men - The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence 835,000 men battered each year, silent too long ...Men's Domestic Violence site, packed full of very interesting information on the rates at which women assault men and get away with it.

Have you ever wondered where the men's shelters are? There aren't any. But men pay for women's shelters.

Men are quickly becoming guests in their own homes, evictable on the whim of any woman who just wants to get her way. This often results in homelessness, alienation of children, false accusations of wife and child abuse, and even wrongful imprisonment.

DID YOU KNOW? Women institute divorce in three quarters of all failed marriages. About half of all marriages end in divorce. Our society and culture actually encourages women to be single mothers and to divorce their husbands by providing substantial financial and social rewards to them. Any man who marries today in the face of this reality is a fool.

WHY IS IT? Women can opt out of maternity, but men cannot opt out of paternity. Even if a man does not want to be a father, he is compelled to be one if a woman chooses to entrap him. Men have no rights in this regard whatsoever.

When a man is forced to leave his home by the false accusations of his spouse, where can he go? Women have shelters. Men have the street or jail.

An Observation: Men do not "give" their lives, in war. Their lives are taken from them. This is something from which women are unjustifiably exempt. Being killed or losing a limb is much worse then being raped. Where is the outcry for men, both civilian and military, killed and maimed in the world's conflicts?


That's correct... MEN'S issues ... for those who wondered if men had any rights or issues left. This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) lists over 400 articles arranged heirarchaically by subject area. Look especially for tons of useful information, debunking phony statistics, and case studies in areas such as:

VIOLENT WOMEN The book Click here "Prone to Violence" and an excellent article The Emotional Terrorist by Erin Pizzey are now available on the web. Erin Pizzey is a founder of the women's shelter concept. She has given her permission for this occur. Erin lives in England and was hounded into silence by feminists in the 1980s and had her books suppressed due to feminist opposition. MURDER, MAYHEM & VIOLENCE IN OUR PRISONS

The late Ontario Court Provincial Division Judge, Tony Charlton said: " One thing I know about the penitentiary, people die in there. They get killed."

Source: "JUDGES"copyright 1986 by Jack Batten page 84, MacMillan of Canada, ISBN 0-7715-9729-0) Canada does not have the death penalty, yet we knowingly put convicts in prisons where they face a high probability of being murdered, assaulted, raped and maltreated. This is wrong. While many individuals richly deserve incareration, they have the right and we have the obligation to protect them from harm. We do not do that. In general this only happens to men. Women are better protected and guarded in our jails. When a few women were strip searched there was a nationwide uproar. Men are strip searched by women guards constantly and no one cares or objects.

The rape, assault and beatings of male prisoners in Canada is serious. Corrections Canada officials from the top down to the individual guards tolerate, ignore and sometimes condone and encourage this violence. Guards are often the perpetrators and inflict mindless cruelty and savage beatings on helpless prisoners. Corrections Canada and the prisons staff, from the warden on down have been publicly criticized as regarding and acting as if they (and they seem to be) are beyond the law. The Criminal Code of Canada REQUIRES prison authorities to PROTECT the prisoners in their custody, but clearly they are not doing this. Prisoners have a right to be protected from prison rape, assaults and the rampant gratutious violence commonly found in Canadian jails at all levels.

Despite this the Alliance of Incarcerated Canadians in American Prisons is an organization for the international transfer of offender treaty and deportation rights for Canadians and other foreigners incarcerated in American prisons. Who knows, maybe Canadians are better off in our prisons.

"what a wicked animal this is
when he is attacked, he defends himself"

Men who are attacked are treated as if they deserved it by being in prison or are weak losers. Women, as always, get away with false accusations and the system throws money at them
"Stop Prisoner Rape" is committed to combating the rape of male and female prisoners and to helping survivors of jailhouse rape.


DIVORCED? Need proof of your divorce?

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As part of that commitment, these pages necessarily include sexually-explicit language , if that bothers you, grow up.

Click here Stop Prisoner Rape, Inc.
333 North Avenue 61 #4 . Los Angeles, CA 90042
Phone(213) 257-6164.
For information, requests, etc., send email to: information@spr
Roger Woods Information requests

Click here The Single Dad's Index
Topics on this table include Child Support -Paternity-Visitation and Access- Custody and Divorce Settlement- Missing Kids-Divorce- Warnings on Therapists in Divorce Actions- Adoption.

Click here Men and Domestic Violence Index
Men are battered, physically, emotionally, certainly financially everyday... by their spouses and significant others and equally often by the courts. This area provides a lot of grist in support of men who are abused. Topics covered include: Husband battering - Child Abuse - Other Domestic Violence.

Click here False rape, abuse and molest

Not all accusations are false, but false accusations are made. This area is must readings for anyone (and especially his lawyer) falsely accused by a woman... - False abuse in custody cases - Articles from MacLeans on false allegations,- so called Date Rape (aka the morning after "change of mind" syndrome) - Motivation for false rape charges, - False statistics about rape, - Satanic Abuse, - Recovered memories,

Please visit Click here Men's Issues Pages for information on false allegations of child abuse, rape, domestic violencea discussion list of the wrongly accused.

For all Click here"false child abuse/harassment accusations" provides resource information and more to adults unjustly accused of child abuse, child neglect, sexual child abuse, so called "repressed" memories, or sexual harassment. This site aims to help the falsely accused and to articulate scientific facts to child protection investigators, teachers, attorneys and judges, urging them to exercise caution in their "rush to judge" abuse calls.
Site run by Dean Tong, Family Rights Organizations National Taskforce

Click here The Men's Defense Association

"You only have power over people so long as you don't take everything away from them.
But when you've robbed a man of everything he's no longer in your power - he's free again"
Alexander Solzhenistyn

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."
Janis Joplin sang it and I think Chris Kristopherson wrote it.

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You really think you have rights?
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