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Looking for Someone? An old lost friend or lover? Someone who owes you money? Here are great places to start tracking them down. Start with Canada 411. This is the phone companies complete list of every listed telephone in Canada. You can get email addresses, phone numbers and even street addresses, It's free and easy.



c411smlbutton the Internet version of Canada's telephone companies' residential white pages and business yellow pages. It contains Canadian residential and business telephone listings

Click here Canada Yellow Pages Search by business type, name and location -nationwide. Claims to be Canada's most accurate and up-to-date database of business listings

Click here InfoSpace Canada Business Finder Find by Category, Find by Name, Companies Online

Click here InfoSpace Canada People Finder Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Reverse Lookup, Celebrities.

Click here People Finder International search for email, phone, addresses etc in Canada, the USA or Europe. Yellow Pages White Pages International


Click here BigBook Yellow page type listings for the US nationwide.

Click here Bigfoot Customized email. Many people use this and you may be able to locate them here, when they are not listed elsewhere.

Click here Switchboard The Internet Directory - YellowPages - WhitePages - PhoneBook Missing Persons

  Four11 Yahoo! People Search Find email addresses or telephone numbers for people by supplying basic information about them. Mostly US information.

Click here WhoWhere? a communications guide enabling people and businesses worldwide to find, connect and collaborate with each other by providing directories of email addresses, phone numbers and addresses, company URL's, free web based email.


If you still can't find them, try working through these resources


If you still can't find them, try working through these resources

  • Click here The Payphone Project - Phone number directory of pay phones worldwide. Only useful if you are planning to kidnap someone and need to give a pay phone number for the ransom demands.

  • Click here SalesLeads USA - Features individual and business telephone look up.

  • Click here UK Electronic Yellow Pages - Searchable directory of commercial establishments in the United Kingdom.

  • Click here - Search engine for finding and changing old email addresses. Find someone's NEW email address by searching for their old one. Register Your New Email Addresses here

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