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These sites exist only to help children. Please support them in their selfless work. The child you help, may be your own

Click here What to do when your child is missing: A survival guide.
Superb advice from the RCMP. A must read for every parent. . . preferably in advance of any problem.



Candian flag   Click hereTravel Consent Form Required at the border or airport, when one parent is travelling with a child.

  • If you have an access order (or custody) you can request that the Department of External Affairs, which issues all passports, refuse to issue a passport to your minor children without your written permission.

  • You should also contact American customs and alert them to the possibility that your child may be abducted across the border.
Canadian flag  Click here Child Crisis Network Canada features current and age-enhanced photographs of missing children, links to kidsafe web sites and information from other leading missing child agencies.

Canadian flag  Click here North America Missing Children Association (Halifax) Comprehensive site with many links. This organization has several offices across Canada.

Canadian flag  Click here The National Missing Children's Locate Centre gets directly involved with the actual recovery of lost children after local police and the RCMP (FBI) have been notified. The Center refers victims to attorneys who are sympathetic to their cause and helps locate private investigators who will work, in some cases, free of charge on cases of Missing or Exploited Children. NMCLC has also assisted hundreds of families who were victims of a parental kidnapping.
Offers in depth articles, timely statistics and street proofing tips, plus a comprehensive database of missing children

Canadian flag   Click here Operation Come Home Dedicated to helping reunite runaway youth (18 and under) with their families; OR to connect them with an existing agency that can best help them meet their needs and become productive citizens. Since a large number of missing children are actually runaways, the Operation Go Home Web page provides discussion on current issues, (eg gang behaviour) a 1 800 hotline, links to online resources and details about local chapters across Canada. US GROUPS

Click here The Polly Klaas Foundation



Custodial parents often try to move away in secret in order to prevent access by the non custodial parent. Here are some things you can do to protect your children and your access rights.

A change of name, an application for a passport are usually signs that the custodial parent is planning to disappear with your children.
Candian flag  Click here Here is a list of phone numbers and government contacts re name changes, passports.

It is easier to prevent your children from being parentally abducted then it is to get them returned to Canada after the fact. Any prudent, non custodial parent should take these steps to protect their children and their access rights.


Click here Birth Death and Marriage Certificates Get your child's birth certificate from here

  • Simply apply for a copy of the child's birth certificate if s/he was born in that province.

  • You may also request that a search be done for any change of name. The cost is only $15.00 for each five year long search in Ontario. If your child's name has been changed without your knowledge, this search will let you know.


Links to child search agencies in many US States


US Links to Child Find services: CanLaw will review each of these sites and annotate our links as time permits.

  • Click here Chicago's Missing Persons
  • Click here Missing Children Minnesota
  • Click here The Polly Klaas Foundation
  • Click here Missing Persons - Lost in America
  • Click here Colorado Missing Children Project
  • Click here GSA Missing Child Notice Program
  • Click here Nation's Missing Children Organization, Inc
  • Click here National Center For Missing and Exploited Children
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