Child Support Guidelines. Child support police jail men in debtors prisons
You really think you have rights?

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Child Support Guidelines
If you are a father,
you have no rights whatsoever.

You will have to pay and pay even after you are dead.
Canada has a suicide epidemic of fathers pushed over the edge by the child support police and vindictive ex wives


How is it that, according to the Ontario Family Support Plan office, of some 145,000 child support payment orders currently active in Ontario, only 3% are against mothers?

4 out of 10 woman have their babies outside of marriage.
The fact is that 97% of support orders are issued against men. That is not justice, that is out and out discrimination. Nothing less.

Canada today has nearly 800,000 single mothers. These are women who are deliberately denying their children their rights to have a father. We are seeing the results in the crime statistics and it will only get worse.

There are no men left as teachers in lower schools and very few in high schools. Feminism has driven male teachers out of the system for fear of false accusations. Where will our boys be when the only influence in their lives is man hating females?

Female Teachers Paedophilia

More and more cases of female teachers raping and sexually assaulting the boys in their classes are surfacing. Where is the outrage?

CanLaw is routinely attacked by feminists for speaking out about the injustice accorded men in Canada today. We will not be intimidated.

Men are being jailed in debtor's prison every day in Canada because of these anti-male discriminatory guidelines. Click here While in jails they are in danger of being murdered, raped and assaulted.

If you have problems in these areas here is our list of Click here men's & father's rights resources & groups. You can get assistance and help get justice for men by working with these people.


For general information on the grossly unfair family law rules call the federal Department of Justice toll free at 1-800-373-2222.

You can also get detailed information at the excellent Click here Department of Justice website.

Fathers beware. These family support offices only assist mothers. They persecute fathers. Of eight lawyers in the Ontario Collection Police office (aka FSO) seven are female.

The government says that these family support guidelines ensure that children come first. Actually mothers come first, children last, and under these obscene rules fathers go to jail, lose their drivers' licences, their passports, and their credit ratings. So much for father's Charter Rights to enter and leave Canada freely.

The government says that Child Support Guidelines were introduced to:

  • Set the basic amount the parent (ie father) paying child support should pay based on that parent's income, the number of children involved and the laws of the province or territory where that parent lives;
  • Make setting the amount of support fair, predictable and consistent for children.
Also see Click here The Federal Government's Joint Committee on Custody and Access This page has vital links and information which will help you help Ottawa to change the injustice accorded children denied access to their fathers.

The guidelines do not seem to include the mother's income in calculating the father's support payments. Further the law now will jail fathers for missing support payments, but does nothing when mothers deny court ordered access.



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You really think you have rights?
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