Over half the visitors to your website are using mobile devices.
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2 350.00 Essential Steps to Great Mobile Content
Product description: Here are some tips on designing content for mobile phones and tablets. Over half the visitors to your website are using mobile devices.

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Your site must be mobile friendly for all users.

Google penalizes the rankings of sites which are not mobile friendly




Responsive design simply means your website will display properly on  mobile, desk top, tablet

and lap top screens.

You have no choice. Make sure your site is mobile and tablet friendly. Check it with a Google test to be sure

Your law office web site will be mobile friendly and pass Google tests.YOUR MOBILE SCREEN MUST:

  • Be highly intuitive on small screens.
  • Convey your point at a glance.
  • Tell your viewer what they want at a glance.
  • Keep type and spaces large enough for swiping
  • Use type large enough to read
  • Use point form and avoid long sentences
  • Make all phone numbers and hyperlinks tapable
  • Bright colors look great on small screens; use them!
Over half of your visitors are using mobile devices. We make sure your site works well on desk, tablet, lap top and cell phone


Mobile demands a blend of usability and creativity to grab the attention of your audience and it has to load at lightning speed too.


Remember that attention spans are very, very short for small screens, so create content that is concise, packed with information, and engaging too.


By creating content that interests your mobile users, you’ve substantially expanded your appeal to potential clients.


And in the end, that’s the name of the game.



  • You must not just copy your desk top page to a mobile screen. It just won't get results.
  • What works on your desktop screen will not work well on mobile.
  • Text is harder to read on smart phones, so make sure articles and blogs are correctly formatted and easy to read.

Here are some tips on designing content for mobile phones and tablets

We design your lawyers site to be mobile friendly and responsive

Essential Steps to Great Mobile Content


Once you have defined your audience, these are the rules you should follow when creating your mobile content

Headlines Are Essential.

 You have a split second to draw in users so use headlines to entice your readers.


Headlines should be used to organize your copy so the user can find the items they want at a glance.

Use empty space, relevant graphics and pictures to break up copy.

Use short, punchy copy. Avoid long, wordy paragraphs,


Text-only documents have high bounce rates on smaller screens

Any good web design project starts with your potential clients in mind. All the other people don't matter. Ignore them.


You need to  understand how your audience uses smart phone content.


How do they discover new content?


How do they commonly react with content?


Is your audience a video-friendly bunch, or do they prefer articles and blogs?


This kind of data will be imperative to plotting out how to reach and engage your customers.

Include a map showing your location, parking info and office hours.

This can be at very bottom of the screen.

Mobile screens are being used by 50% of your viewers. Your site will be optimized for their screens.

Always have a call to action

If you want them to contact you, include a clickable phone number, an email address and even a response form.

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