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Product description: Why do lawyers' web sites fail to get clients? They look the same. They don't help clients pick that law firm. Many are there to impress other lawyers.

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How can a consumer pick from a bunch of lawyers all saying the same thing?

Ask yourself what is the difference between you and your competition?

If your website says the same things as all the other lawyer websites

Why Should Someone Pick You?

You Must Give Them A Good Reason

Avoid Hype, Jargon and Legal Terms

The Bounce Rate Will Get You

Clients skim your home page and if something doesn't grab their attention instantly, they click away and you lose another possible client. Google measures these bounce rates.

It is called the bounce rate. Even on the best of sites, the normal bounce rate is in the 70% range.

That is normal. Viewers skim sites looking for something in the same way they skim the titles in a book store or magazine rack.

Poor content will cause client prospects to bounce away from and reject your web site. And if they reject your site, they are rejecting you. An opportunity lost.



Mobile Friendly

Half of your visitors are using a mobile device.


If your site is not responsive, mobile friendly, they will leave.


Google  ranks your site based on mobile friendliness first and penalizes sites which are not  mobile friendly by pushing them down in the rankings on search results. Your site virtually disappears if it is not mobile friendly.

Poor Navigation

3 seconds (5 and more is really pushing it) is the most you are going to get says Google when it comes to visitor attention span. If your prospect does not instantly see what they are looking for, they are gone.

Vintage Look

Web fashions change often and quickly.  If your site looks like it is old or old fashioned your prospects will not waste time on it.

Errors and Broken Links 404 errors

Bad Grammar, Spelling mistakes, Broken links are the kiss of death


Testimonials Matter

Client testimonials and reviews are valuable if you want to build client trust. Better a few honest testimonials than fakes. People can spot the fakes and if your testimonials are fake, so are you.

No testimonial? Ask your clients for one. Most are happy to comply.

Update frequently.

The search engines penalize sites that are old and have not been updated recently. Your site design has to have new and fresh content often.

Content Content and Content is Vital.

Does your website have fresh, useful, accurate, informative and interesting content? If it doesn't your prospect will judge the site and you as not worth the bother

Bad Design

Think about highway billboards. A billboard has 2 or 3 seconds to get the message across. Web sites are similar.

A busy, confusing, or cluttered website with a poor feel will chase your prospects to your competitors. You should ask them for a commission since you are sending them your clients.

What is Your Point?

Information clutter with no focus point, is  common. How easy or difficult is it for a client to find what s/he wants in your busy page?

Keep it simple, keep it sweet, and keep it short always. Clients can click on bullet points to get more information if they want it, but the ten second attention span is gone. Today people have about a 2 second attention span. They want an instant answer NOW and often don't care about the reasons or background.

These are just a few of the important considerations in web site construction. Be informative, Be Accurate, Be Honest, Be Up to date,

That is not as easy as it sounds. It can be very tricky filling even a few web pages with useful information about you and your practice.



Why do lawyers' web sites fail to get clients? They look the same.

They don't help clients pick that law firm.  Many are there to impress other lawyers.

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