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This free lawyer referral service will help you, or any business, anywhere in the world find a lawyer or law firm for legal help, advice or assistance in Canada.

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This Canadian Lawyer Referral Service is Free of Charge to All
No Obligation. You Choose Your Own Lawyer. Free Half Hour Consultations.
CanLaw has helped over 300,000 people find a lawyer since 1996..


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    Frequently Asked Questions - - FAQs


  • Is there any charge for CanLaw's Lawyer Referral Service?

    No! This CanLaw service is free of all charge.

  • How do I get help for my problem?

    Just fill in and submit this simple Find a Lawyer Referral Service form. CanLaw uses your form to find a lawyer or lawyers for you.

  • What does CanLaw do with the information?

    CanLaw will refer your request to selected lawyers who have the experience and ability to deal with your issues.

  • Why do you need all this information?

    Lawyers need the information so they can determine if they have the right experience to help with your legal problem.
    Those CanLaw lawyers in the Magog area, who are interested in taking your case, will then contact you by email or phone exactly as you requested, at the time you requested.

  • How long will it take for a lawyer to get back to me?

    You should have a response from one or more lawyers within one working day, as long as you provide sufficient detail and information to allow the lawyers to respond to you.

  • Will the information I put on the lawyer referral form be confidential?

    Yes. Your information is encrypted when sent through email and will be kept confidential by CanLaw and all lawyers and other professionals on the system.

  • Am I be obligated to hire a lawyer by using this service?

    NO. The choice is always yours, and yours alone. You are under no obligation whatsoever by using CanLaw's free Lawyer Referral Service.

  • Will the lawyers responding to my CanLaw referral service charge me?

    The lawyers' first response to your inquiry will be free.
    They will email or phone you to briefly discuss your problem and their services with you .
    Some, but not all, lawyers provide initial in-person free half hour consultations. Ask about fees or charges before you actually meet.


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