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The anti male wording of the manual has been changed to be politically correct and "gender neutral" but the police still treat women differently than men

The police do not recognize that women are also perpetrators of domestic violence. Police were required by the Attorney General and the Solicitor General to arrest the man and to provide all possible assistance to the women, in all domestic assault investigations. Download the full text of the unedited, politically incorrect Police's "mandatory guidelines" & procedures which by themselves violate men's Charter rights. Use this manual to stay false wife assault charges.

So called Domestic Assault courts in Ontario average 85% conviction rates. That is not justice, that is a star chamber.
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Police Ordered to Enforce Access Orders!
Full text of judgment.

Ontario Family Law Act
Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure
Criminal Code of Canada

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Click here Download your own copy of the Criminal Code of Canada The complete Criminal Code of Canada (unannotated). You may find this interesting browsing. Although it deals with very interesting characters, the plot is poorly developed and the action tends to drag.

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Even though many years have passed and this bill has not, CanLaw fully supports and endorses Click here Senator Anne Cools' Bill S-12 (formerly S-4), which to quote her, "upholds the position that judicial privilege may not be employed by lawyers as a shield to mislead, obstruct or defeat truth and justice in judicial proceedings.

Bill S-12 would have created three new offences in the Criminal Code.

  • The first makes it an offence for counsel in judicial proceedings to make public statements outside the court that are known by counsel to be false.
  • The second makes it an offence to institute proceedings known by counsel to be brought primarily to intimidate or injure another person.
  • The third is to knowingly deceive the court by relying on false, deceptive, exaggerated or inflammatory documents"

Lying in court, both verbally and in affidavits is the norm, not the exception.

There are lawyers who are routinely guilty of suborning perjury in one form or another. These lawyers must be weeded out and put where they belong... in jail. We support this necessary Bill because it seems no one, neither the courts, nor the Law Societies will do anything to sanction those lawyers who routinely present false material to the courts. Click here For more on this issue click here.

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Click here The Rule of Thumb Feminists have twisted an innocent unit of measurement into another male conspiracy theory. The Rule of Thumb has nothing to do with the thickness of a stick used to beat an errant or wayward wife. In fact it is nothing more then a measurement like, foot, hand, yard and the others named after handy body parts. Here is an entertaining and informative article you can present to any judge.

Click here Who and What Is Killing Whom? StatsCan's figures on violence by gender in Canada.

Click here Recovered Memories Are Lies URGENT! Scores of men have been wrongly convicted. These men are in jail only on the false testimony of therapists and professional victims of the non existent recovered memory syndrome.

Justice only works when it is applied equally to both men and women.
Men, especially poor or black men, do not receive equal treatment in Canadian courts.
Gender McCarthyism stalks all men.
Canadian judges routinely give women lighter sentences, almost always give them custody and tend to believe they are the innocent dupes of men.