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Product description: CanLaw Table of Contents Describes the many sections and types of Canadian legal information organized by type of law in plain English for real people

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Wills, Power of Attorney, Living Will

Separation Agreement, Joint Custody Agreement, Proof of Divorce

US Waiver,  Pardon/Record Suspension

CanLaw offers you several certified Legal Forms Kits especially designed and prepared for the use of ordinary people without the assistance of a lawyer.

Only CanLaw kits include everything you need, preprinted legal forms, instructions and tips for handling these very important, legal matters in your day to day life.


CanLaw Table of Contents

Describes the many sections of Canadian legal information organized by type of law

in plain English for real people

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 Paralegals, Mediators, Trustees, Process Servers, ADR When you or your lawyer need legal assistance or experts

There Are No Winners in Court

Mediate, Do Not Litigate.

Mediation is faster, cheaper and better.

Questions about emigrating and settling in Canada? Be very careful about immigration consultants. There are many frauds out there who exploit immigrants and steal their money

Register or Incorporate Your Business Online NUANS searches, Incorporation guide

Beware of the Law Societies. They are not there to help you. They are there to protect lawyers.

Find Canadian Lawyers on CanLaw. CanLaw Inc is a free referral service and lawyer directory for individuals and business looking for lawyers and legal help anywhere  in Canada

Separation for one year is the fastest, simplest and cheapest way to get your divorce.


Get divorced in about 60 days if uncontested

  How To Start Your Own Business

Sole proprietor or incorporate which is better?

How To Win In Small Claims Court

Collect what's owed to you. Using Small Claims courts

New Service for those needing  Real Estate lawyers and related help

Dealing with landlords or tenants and the special courts across Canada. Covers the essentials

A process server lets you prove that you had served a Statement of Claim, summons or other legal documents upon an opposing party

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CanLaw is the national lawyer referral service for those requiring  lawyers or legal assistance or related services for any reason whatsoever, anywhere in Canada

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