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QUEBEC NOTARIES ARE VERY DIFFERENT from Notaries Public in the Rest of Canada

A Quebec Notary is a Trained Qualified Lawyer Who Does Everything But Plead in Court

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    About Quebec Notaries

  • A Notary in Quebec is very different from Notaries in the rest of North America.

  • A Quebec Notary is a trained Lawyer who specializes in Wills, Real Estates and Marriage Contracts.

  • A Quebec Notary is a trained Lawyer who does everything but plead in Court.

  • Quebec notaries have a much wider range of services than notaries elsewhere in Canada.

  • They may advise clients on legal matters, represent clients before tribunals and administration boards and draw up legal documents such as contracts and wills.

  • Quebec notaries are employed by federal, provincial and municipal governments and various business establishments or they may be self-employed.

      Quebec Notaries Have These Qualifications

    • Two to three years of undergraduate studies or, in Quebec, completion of college program

    • A bachelor's degree from a recognized law school

    • A one-year course in notarial practice from a recognized faculty of law or a Diploma of Notarial Law (D.D.N.)

    • Successful completion of the final examination set by the Chamber of Notaries.

    • Registration with the Chamber of Notaries is required.

    • In Quebec, membership in the professional corporation for notaries is mandatory.

    • Quebec notaries may specialize in a particular area of law through experience.