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u>Product description: Thousands sold, Certified Legal Forms Wills, Power of Attorney Separations Travel Consent, Joint Parenting Living Will, Waivers Pardons Download or by mail



No court in Canada will accept

 digital wills or photocopies.


Online digital wills cannot be used in any court. They are worthless frauds.


The only legal will is the original, signed, witnessed, printed paper document.

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by CanLaw and for Canadians

No Lawyer Needed. Do It Yourself. $ave Hundreds


Legal and valid in all provinces and territories

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Beware of garbage free kits

No Lawyer Needed. Do It Yourself. $ave Hundreds

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Never one complaint


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Fast!   Simple!   Easy!   Fill in the Blanks Legal Forms!   Anyone Can Do It!


Do it yourself Canadian legal forms for lay persons. Court approved and even used by lawyers.

CanLaw Legal Forms kits include everything you need


Preprinted legal forms, instructions and tips for handling these very important, legal matters.


CanLaw Certified Canadian Legal Forms are valid in every province and territory


Just fill in the blanks, sign and you are done



Designed by CanLaw

by and for Canadians


You do not need a lawyer or any legal training or experience. You can easily do these forms yourself.


Even lawyers are buying and using these CanLaw legal forms


Exclusively available from CanLaw


Beware of the garbage legal kits advertised on television or sold in office supply and other stores. Forms stored on line are not valid or legal.

CanLaw Legal Forms are

very inexpensive


The few dollars they cost you is less then you spend on coffee or newspapers in any month. But the peace of mind and protection they bring you is worth millions

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