Federal Incorporation can easily be done online without a lawyer.
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Product description: Incorporating at the federal level means that a corporation can operate under the same name in any or all provinces across Canada. No lawyer needed

How to Incorporate or Register Your Business


How to incorporate or register your company anywhere in Canada




Federal Incorporation


Federal Incorporation can easily be done online without a lawyer.

However you may still need a provincial incorporation as well.

Get a Federal Corporate Name Search (NUANS Report) in electronic (PDF) format

Register with the Click here Corporations Canada Homepage.

After you register with the Corporations Canada On-Line Filing Centre, you can file your business incorporation electronically.

Submit your Corporate Name Proposal online.

After your name is approved, file the Articles of Incorporation online. You will need a credit card to pay the $500 filing fee.

Provincial Incorporation filing fees are usually much less, so you may want to just register in your home province.

After you receive your Certificate of Incorporation, you will still be required to register your business in any province or territory where you carry on business.

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