How to Contact the Labour and Employment Office in Your Province
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Product description: Information on rights, termination and severance pay, minimum wage, hours of work, vacation and leave and pay equity.

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A Guide To Employment Standards Law in Your Province

How to Contact the Labour and Employment  Office in Your Province

Labour and Employment Law Authority and Administration Is Divided Between Provincial and Federal Governments.

The Canada Labour Code governs areas that the constitution provides regulatory power to the federal government, such as communications and inter-provincial transportation.  In other areas of unrestricted jurisdiction, the provinces and territories are empowered to enact and administer their own legislation. Please read on to find a labour and employment lawyer, or to learn more about labour and employment law.


The British Columbia Employment Standards Branch


administers the Employment Standards Act and Regulation, which set minimum standards of wages and working conditions in most workplaces.

Alberta Employment Standards Offices


To ensure Alberta work sites are fair and equitable, most employers and employees are protected by and must comply with employment standards laws.


Here are minimum standards of employment for Alberta  employers and employees in the workplace.


Sask Employment Standards Office


Layoffs and Termination There are rules employers and employees must follow when laying off individual employees or terminating their employment.  There are additional rules that an employer must follow if there is a group termination.


Layoff means the temporary interruption by an employer of the services of an employee for a period exceeding six consecutive work days.



Alberta Employment Standards Office


A Quick Guide to Employment Standards


The Employment Standards Code provides employees with information regarding minimum wage standards, protection for young workers, paying wages and more.


Quebec Employment Standards Office

Quebec LABOUR STANDARDS. The minimum conditions of employment of all Québec employees are set by the Act respecting labour standards.


New Brunswick Employment

 Standards Office


Your Rights and Responsibilities

Would you like to know more about:

• Rules of Payment and Payroll records

• Minimum Wage/Overtime and Minimum Reporting


• Notice of Dismissal, Layoff or Termination

• Paid Public Holidays and Vacation/Vacation Pay

• Maternity Leave and Child Care Leave

• Other Employment Standard Leaves which include;

Critical Illness Leave and

Death or Disappearance Leave (effective Sept. 1st, 2014)

• Employment of Children, Unfair Employer Action and

Equal Pay for Equal Work

• Foreign Workers (effective Sept. 1st, 2014)

• Administrative Penalties (effective Sept. 1st, 2014)

Please note that throughout this guide where

applicable any references to the masculine shall

include the feminine and any refer




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