What things can a licensed lawyer or paralegal do?


Represent clients at court or at a tribunal. A licensed lawyer or paralegal can represent someone at, or give legal advice about, a court or tribunal proceeding. A licensed lawyer or paralegal can help with forms or documents (e.g., statements of claim, or statements of defence) that are related to a court and tribunal proceeding.

Provide services or advice requiring the use of legal principles or legal judgment. A lawyer or licensed paralegal can give advice about legal rights or responsibilities. For example, a licensed lawyer or paralegal can give legal advice about a traffic offence or small claims court. This applies even if there is no law suit or other proceeding.


Only a lawyer can prepare or help prepare legal documents such as wills, powers of attorney, custody or settlement agreements that pertain to family or matrimonial law.


Consider this, When a judge orders anger management, s/he is practicing medicine without a licence.

There are no standards for anger management and the field is full of quacks. Probably the same ones who used to sell repressed memory recovery?

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