What you should know about Family Law and Divorce in Canada on CanLaw
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Family Law: A laypersons' guide to the law on divorce, family law, support, custody and access. rights and obligations in Canadian law
All You Need to Know About Getting Your Own Divorce in Canada on CanLaw

CanLaw Guides to Family Law for the Layperson

CanLaw Family Law Section

You don't have to have a Family Law lawyer to get a divorce, whether defended or undefended. However it is strongly recommended that you
get some form of legal advice, especially if you need to settle issues about property, custody, access, guardianship, or support.


There Are No Winners in Court

What you should know about Family Law and Divorce in Canada on CanLaw

Getting involved with the courts in a contested divorce is a lousy, destructive, enervating, expensive, frustrating, and time wasting nightmare that will last for years.

It is well worth your time to review these pages and educate yourself on the rules, the process and the grounds for divorce, custody and support. It will give you a sense of control again and make life a little easier for you during the nightmare called divorce.

Do you know, for example, that a prolonged divorce or family court battle often will wipe out your resources completely? Can you afford to spend $50,000 or more on legal costs? How would that help your children? Or be in their "best interests?"

Dealing with divorce is very trying and hard on both parties. It is not just the divorce, it is also the custody and access and support battles that follow and drag on for years. Dealing with the many unknowns make it more upsetting.


You can file for divorce with or without the involvement, consent or cooperation of your spouse.

Marriage breakdown is the only grounds for divorce in Canada The Four Ways to Get a Divorce Explained
How do you file for divorce in Canada? There are only four basic ways to get a Divorce in Canada. How to get your divorce and move on with your life.

  1. The best way to get a divorce. One year separation, no disputes. Uncontested Divorce: You file the forms for divorce and if your spouse does not file a response, then the divorce becomes uncontested.

    You probably will not even have to appear in court. Usually a Family Law judge will just rubber stamp the divorce so long as there is no glaring unfairness or inequity in the proposed divorce arrangements.

    You cannot file an "uncontested divorce." The court determines this based on your filings.

    Uncontested divorces can usually be completed in about 60 days. Be smart and avoid court battles by doing your own divorce. Yes, you can do your own divorce the easy way.

    An Uncontested Divorce will cost you just a few hundred dollars. A contested divorce will cost you tens of thousands of dollars. The choice is yours.

  2. Click here Joint Divorce: If you and your spouse agree on most or all of the issues you have an uncontested joint divorce.

    When both parties sign, and swear to the divorce papers the divorce is mutual and you are telling the court that you both want a divorce and agree on the terms you set up.

  3. Click here Collaborative Contested Divorce: Collaborative Divorce: Will it work for you?
    Collaborative Family Law sets aside the usual adversarial approach and tries to work amicably to achieve a fair and reasonable settlement in divorce.

    A Collaborative contested divorce occurs when the parties cannot agree on all of the issues, but are willing to negotiate through lawyers to solve all problems and all agree not to go to court.

  4. How to give all your money to the lawyers. Contested Divorce: Battle it out in court and come out bankrupt
    Contested Divorce Procedure: How the system works in ten painful expensive steps.

    A contested divorce occurs when the parties cannot agree on all of the issues. Lawyers love contested divorces. It buys them mansions. A contested divorce can easily cost you $50,000 because this is where lawyers get involved in a lengthy court battle.

    A contested divorce will involve considerable time, money and frustration. Contested divorces often turn into major battles and both parties end up losers.

By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you'll be happy.
If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher. - Socrates

  • Click here Find a Divorce Lawyer using CanLaw's Free Lawyer Referral Services

  • Click here Find a Process Server to serve your divorce documents

  • Click here Find a Mediator if you think it will help settle things.


    • Click here False DV Allegations
      Women routinely file false allegations of Domestic Violence because it gets them all they want in a divorce.

    Paternity Tests


  • Divide your property. She gets 65% Lawyers get 35% You get the restHow Your Property Is Divided Upon Separation
    Property splitting, equalization payments and the divorce Laws on CanLaw

  • Mothers nearly always get custody. Fathers just pay. Child Custody
    Child custody is not for fathers. Men have no rights in family law.

  • Click here Child and Spousal Support: Why women find divorce so profitable
    How fathers pay and pay and pay, even after they are dead. So much for women's equality. Women do not pay support to men in Canada.

  • Alimony is now called spousal support Child Support Guidelines If you are a father, you have no rights whatsoever.

  • Separation Agreements can smooth the divorce process Start by doing a Legal Separation Agreement.

  • You must have an official Divorce certificate to remarryGet proof of your Canadian divorce Divorce Certificate
    You will need proof of any previous divorces. Get it here. Obtain your Divorce Certificate through CanLaw

  • Click here to order your proof of Divorce Order your proof of Divorce access information here.

  • Want to change your name? Here's howChange Your Name? Anyone may change their name at any time to anything they want.

  • Senate proposal to jail lying lawyers

  • laws on divorce in Canada All the Provincial Divorce Forms
    The Provincial Family Law Acts and laws on divorce in Canada on CanLaw

  • Divorce Statutes and Laws

  • How to Find the law that applies to you

  • Draft your own custody agreement Custody Agreement Form
    This free form is intended as a negotiation tool, not a final agreement.

    Both parties should do their own draft and then compare and negotiate until they come up with an acceptable final version.

  • Draft a parenting agreement yourself Parenting Agreement form
    Simple free Parenting and Access Agreement Form on CanLaw

  • Enforce Access to the children of divorce. Women do not own the kids.

  • Click here Custody Brochure PDF

  • Click here Divorce Guidelines PDF Brochure

  • Separated or divorced, you must have a notarized travel consent form Travelling with your kids? You will need a Travel Consent form to cross borders or fly anywhere.

  • Read up on the laws affecting you.Links to ALL Your Provincial Legislation

  • Women always make false allegations as a weapon in divorce and custody battles

  • Baby Killing Mothers

  • How to Find Someone

  • Child Find

  • CanLaw is the national Canadian lawyer referral service for those needing to find a lawyer or legal assistance or related services for any reason whatsoever, anywhere in Canada


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