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Product description: How a consumer bankruptcies trustee will eliminate all your debt in a few days. How a Trustee helps you solve your financial problems

If you cannot pay your debts, a trustee in bankruptcy will make them disappear in a few daysWhat is a

Trustee in Bankruptcy?

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What is a Trustee in Bankruptcy?

Trustees administer consumer bankruptcies, and formal and informal proposals.

The Trustee will give you information and advice about both  consumer proposals and/or bankruptcy processes.

He/she will make sure that your rights, as well as those of your creditors, are respected.

Trustees also provide financial counselling, debt management and handle negotiation with creditors

What can a Trustee do to assist you with your financial problems?


Your Trustee will do the following for you:


  • Evaluate your immediate problem such as total debt, collection problems, garnishees, judgments, creditor pressure
  • Determine your overall financial situation and your ability to pay;
  • Review your rights and responsibilities as well as what rights and responsibilities your creditors' have.
  • Provide you with options such as . managing finances better, budgeting, debt consolidation, orderly  payment of debts, proposal to creditors and bankruptcy.
  • Make sure you understand all of  the options available
  • Recommend certain options over others.

You should ensure that your  Bankruptcy Trustee is fully qualified and accredited by the Federal Government's Superintendent of Bankruptcy

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