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124 75.00 How your CanLaw lawyer referral service sends you clients
Product description: How your CanLaw Lawyer Referral Service Works to bring you new clients Even one new client will recoup your investment many times over.

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Referrals are emailed to you with a standard subject showing the type of case, (family, criminal, real estate etc) and the town where the case is located, so you can tell at a glance if you are interested.

Typical Email Subject would read: "This client wants a family law lawyer in the Regina area"

You will start receiving referrals by email within hours of advertising and/or subscribing to CanLaw


CanLaw guarantees referrals or money refunded. No one else dares do that.

CanLaw referrals have generated millions in billings for our participating lawyers.

You will absolutely, positively get more than enough referrals from us to increase your billings substantially.

We guarantee your ad and subscription will bring you numerous client referrals. The number of referrals waxes and wanes with things like summer holidays, Christmas and sometimes for no apparent reason.

We like to refer to the volume as a steady trickle of new client referrals. Naturally there will be more referrals in larger centres and fewer in smaller areas. The number of referrals depends very much on the population in a given area.

How CanLaw lawyer referral service sends you clients


Even one new client will recoup your investment many times over.


We always need more subscribing lawyers to handle the cases we get now.

We actually have a shortage of subscribing lawyers to handle all the referral requests we receive daily.

There is no shortage of legal work for good lawyers in this country. We know. We see it every single day.


You Control the

Referral Process Completely.


NO NUISANCE CLIENTS: Avoid the nuisance clients while picking only the best prospects. Clients do not know who gets their referrals, so you need only respond to the ones which interest you. Just delete the rest.

REFERRALS FOR YOUR AREA IN MINUTES: Referrals are sorted by geographic region and forwarded to all our subscribing lawyers in that region exclusively within minutes of receiving them.

DETAILS AT A GLANCE: Each referral includes a brief description of the case, area of practice and the client's contact information. Your email program can sort or filter the referrals as you wish.

NO LEGAL AID (virtually) 95% of the referrals are clients who can pay the fees. Why not get your share of this lucrative business?

NO OBLIGATION TO CLIENT: Your law society referral service gives your name to one client at a time and the client phones you. You then have to spend an hour or so listening to the client while you decide whether you want to take on the file.


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Only CanLaw guarantees referrals or money refunded. See our lawyer's testimonials
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