How & reasons why your CanLaw ad brings you new clients
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Product description: Yahoo & Alexa site ranking services, rank CanLaw in the top 5% of all sites on the net CanLaw is the most popular and well known Canadian legal web site.

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CanLaw Relied on by the Canadian Legal Community Since 1996

Some More Reasons to Advertise Your Law Practice on CanLaw


Yahoo & Alexa site ranking services, rank CanLaw in the top 5% of all sites on the net

Here's how & why your ad on CanLaw works for you

CanLaw makes it easy for new clients to find you


Visitors to CanLaw

Are Looking For a Lawyer Like You

Clients are coming to us every day to find a lawyer like you. No matter what your location or your areas of practice, from Corporate to Criminal, or Family, Immigration, Estates, ADR or Mediation, Real Estate or all other fields.


Your ad on CanLaw will produce valuable new clients for you. Count on it!


More prospective clients of all kinds, individuals, corporations and small business people will browse your ad. That's because we have about 1,000,000 hits a month. (One visitor can "hit" or browse through many pages on CanLaw)


Your ad and listing helps them make a more informed choice. They contact you directly. These client enquiries are efficient, time saving and very productive for you.


Clients who contact you have seen your listing, know what you offer and are seeking your precise services. You waste less time with window shoppers. That saves you time and money while bringing you qualified clients.


Advertising on CanLaw costs less and is more effective.


An ad on CanLaw will also boost the rankings of your own web site substantially.


Advertising on CanLaw is more productive, because only we guarantee referrals.

CanLaw averages about 85,000 individual visitors to the site each and every month. On average they spend about 29 minutes on CanLaw and look at about 11 pages when they are seeking a lawyer or legal help. All in all, this makes us Canada's first and  biggest lawyer referral service. Canadians trust CanLaw.

Clients who contact you have seen your ad, know what you offer and are seeking your services. You waste less time coping with tire kickers.


We help you present yourself by providing accurate, up to date information on your personal expertise and services. We help you build your brand.


Your CanLaw ad includes a link to your site which will increase the visitors to your own site. Your CanLaw back link will improve your site's popularity rating and position in the major search engines.


Your ad on CanLaw will bring you new clients.

Your referral subscription will bring you new clients.

CanLaw is the most popular, well known and most used Canadian legal web site. Yahoo and Alexa site ranking services, rank us in the top 5% of all sites on the net in terms of popularity out of the millions of sites on the entire Internet.  Over ten thousand other sites have posted links to CanLaw on their sites. These links are tantamount to endorsements of CanLaw. We have never once sought these back link

CanLaw is designed so new clients, both personal and business, can find you quickly and easily


Your ad is cross referenced by geographic area, fields of practice and other values


Clients can scan through our search engine listings and quickly and easily contact you.


It is much more effective for both you and clients than the cumbersome phone in law society referral services.


 As you know most law societies simply give a client the name of the next semi suitable lawyer on the list.


We send  a steady trickle of clients to you, so you can cherry pick the best prospects.


We will properly reflect your professional presentation, reputation and image.


We know how to market lawyers and most importantly what clients want from a lawyer and we provide it. We talk to clients in their language and design your ad to meet their needs.


CanLaw has been the number one legal services web site since 1996. We have over thirty years experience in advertising agencies. We invented on line lawyer referrals in 1996.


We are advertising experts first and foremost. We are not computer programmers pretending to be copy writers which is what you get on the copy cat sites.


Putting your law practice on CanLaw will get you widespread recognition, new paying clients and establish you as a modern, up to date professional. It is also an excellent way to get your firm on the web.

Only CanLaw guarantees referrals or money refunded. See our lawyer's testimonials

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