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Your Rights... Such As They Are

If Your Rights Can Be Taken Away, and many can, Then They Are NOT Rights, They Are Merely Privileges

CanLaw here offers a growing collection of material, articles, and links to information on you and your rights in Canada.

This page is primarily an index of pages in the Rights section of our site.

In Canada, the minorities, merely by being so, are automatically in the right.

"CanLaw Guide to the Law for the Layperson"

Before You Demand Your Rights, Consider Whether You Have Done Your Duty.

The Law:

Click here Family Law Act, 1986, Ontario on CanLaw

Click here Laws of Canada and the Provinces. Directory of Statutes & Regulations. Progress of new bills Hansards Legislative Assemblies Lawyers. CanLaw.

Click here The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. and subject only to pepper spray, tasars and the whims of the court.

Canada is a society in which the politically weak, (visible minorities and women) merely by being so, are automatically in the right.
US AMENDMENT XIII Passed by Congress January 31, 1865. Ratified December 6, 1865.

Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.


Click here MEN'S & FATHERS' SUPPORT GROUPS ACROSS CANADA CanLaw's compilation. A fairly good list of men's and father's groups across Canada. If you have a group not listed here, If you have additional links, please send us your information and we will be happy to add it. Women's groups are not listed. They have ample, probably excessive, government funding and resources paid for by men's taxes but these same resources are denied men. So much for equality.

Click here MEN'S AND FATHER'S RIGHTS CONTACTS IN CANADA This page lists several excellent sources to assist you and your lawyer. It is a short list of helpful material for men and fathers in coping with family court. It has articles and sources on Child Support, Custody issues, false abuse references material. If you have additional links, please send them to us.


There is a new Click here Human Rights Complaints System in Ontario. It claims to be set up to try and use mediation between parties

We have seen this before... We are hopeful, but sceptical. Behaviours may have changed, but attitudes probably are the same. Ask McCleans Magazine about it.

Click here Ombudsman and Human Rights Offices across Canada

Click here Legal Aid

Click here Landlord Tenant

Click here Landlord and Tenant Act, revised

Click here Your Credit, Your Rights

Click here What to do when the Collection Agency calls

Click here Experts! Register with us. Free

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Some of the lies the feminists tell you.

Click here StatsCan on Domestic Violence: Who is killing whom?
YOU BE THE JUDGE. Because many feminist activists and researchers have so great a stake in exaggerating the problem and so little compunction in doing so, objective information on domestic violence is very hard to come by.

Here are some Stats Can statistics on the real causes of death in Canada among men and women. However Stats Can was caught burying facts on domestic violence against men because they did not fit the StatsCan agenda that only men are violent.

Remember that 76.34% or all statistics, including this one, are made up on the spot.

The facts are the exact opposite of what we read in the media and hear from feminist groups. Men are victims of homicide at about twice the rate of women. Here is a snippet to wet your appetite: A woman is killed in Canada

  • because of homicide every 5 days;
  • because of substance abuse every 10 hours;
  • because of accidental falls every 8 hours;
  • because of cardiovascular disease every 14 minutes."
Are women the victims they claim to be? The short answer is NO, but the truth would not get them grants and custody of our children would it.

Click here Baby Killing Mothers, Child Abuse and Neglect issues on CanLaw


Click here Recovered Memory Syndrome has falsely convicted scores of men in Canada. CanLaw There is no such thing, yet scores of Canadian men are languishing in jails after being falsely convicted on the basis of the now thoroughly discredited testimony of hysterical women with severe mental problems. These women are usually coached and prepared, rehearsed by social workers, psychologists and women's shelter workers. Either the woman believes her story because she has been brainwashed or she is lying or is insane or all of the preceding. Authorities refuse to review these injustices.

The Rule of Thumb Myth

Click here This page details the history of The Rule of Thumb myth. Lies the feminists told me Feminists have twisted an innocent unit of measurement into another male conspiracy theory. Here is an entertaining and informative article you can present to any judge.

The Rule of Thumb has nothing to do with the thickness of a stick used to beat an errant or wayward wife.The "Rule of Thumb" story is an example of revisionist history that uneducated or dishonest feminists happily fell into believing. It reinforces their myopic perspective on society and they tell it as a way of winning converts to their angry creed. In fact the rule of thumb is just another innocent measurement like a foot or a hand (used in measuring horses ... a hand is four inches). The rule of thumb was a measurement, nothing more.

THE SUPER BOWL WIFE BATTERING STORY was a bald lie from the start. Click here> The Super Bowl Battering Hoax</font></a><FONT face= First promoted by "FAIR" and by "battered woman expert" Lenore Walker; exposed in the chapter "Noble Lies" in Christine Hoff Sommer's book Who Stole Feminism? Discussed here and exposed for the fraud it is.


Child Custody, Access and related matters

Click here judgment orders police to enforce access orders Full text of this important judgment by The Hon. Mr. Justice R. J. Mazza, March 21, 1997 Ontario Court (General Division) Family Court

Click here Child Support Police Office How is it that, according to the official figures released by the Ontario Family Support Plan office, of some 145,000 child support payment orders currently active in Ontario, only 3% are against mothers? The fact is that 97% of support orders are issued against men. That is not justice, that is out and out discrimination. Nothing less.

Click here Change of Name Change your name legally Here is a list of phone numbers and government contacts re name changes, passports. You can also use these services to determine if your child's name has been quietly changed without your knowledge.

Click here ChildSave: Is your child missing? Here's helpLinks to ChildFind and several other organizations which help locate children. Child Save kids help Help CanLaw to protect children while protecting free speech on the Internet.

Click here News about the DEAD and BURIED Child Custody and Access Reform Special Joint Committee This page has vital links and information which will help you help Ottawa to change the injustice accorded children denied access to their fathers.

Click here Bill S4 Senator Cools speaks on the need to jail lawyers who lie to the courts on CanLaw The bill died of course, but the problem remains. Big surprise.

Click here Jail lying lawyers. Full Text of Bill S-12 Abuse of Process by Lawyers

The Police:

Click here Policing Standards Manual on "Wife Assault" Know that the police policy across Canada is to arrest the man at domestic violence calls regardless of the situation. This Manual has been sanitized to remove the direct reference to arresting men, since it was published, but it is still the policy.

Click here Directory of Canadian Police Agencies on the Internet

Click here Cherry Beach Express: Lyrics of song about the Toronto Police Goon Squads

Click here Commercial Sex Information Service An interesting and explicit site regarding the rights of whores. Yes, even whores have rights. Simple advice on what to do when arrested, which amounts to "keep your big mouth shut."


Click here factoids.htm

Click here Related Services Directory on CanLaw

Click here Tips How to hire the best lawyer.

Click here IS YOUR LAWYER'S BILL TOO HIGH? Here's how to have your lawyer's bill assessed and possibly reduced. But you must act quickly. Delay may indicate acceptance of the bill. Click here Your rights on CanLaw

Click here Senate Committee working on law reform


Click here Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse
A non-profit organization working to minimize the harm associated with the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs

Click here Ask the Doctors miscellaneous links to interesting and useful sites. Not necessarily law related.

"Some people's idea of free speech is that they are free to say anything they like, but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage."
--Winston Churchill

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