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"...If allowed any rights of their own, they will acknowledge no rights at all in any one else, and never will yield in anything, unless they can be compelled..."
John Stuart Mill, The Subjection of Women 1869

The difference between being diplomatic and undiplomatic is the difference between saying
"When I look at you, time stands still", and saying "Your face would stop a clock". Anon

False memory, false sexual abuse claims, vengeance, are all the diseases of women.
"Women get what they want by revising what they had."
If it isn't true, they make it up and convince themselves it is true and men end up in jail or executed as a result.

Click here Click here Directory of Services and Programs for Abused Men in Canada Grouped by province and territory, this lists programs and services across Canada. Each organization is listed with a brief description of its services as well as current contact information. Where possible, the description identifies the type of service provided, relevant fees, and whether services are available in English and/or French. 71 pages pdf
Never send a girl to do a man's job.
Click here Support Groups for all those men facing False Memory Syndrome accusations made by the hysterical descendants of the Salem Witch Trials accusers.

These groups tend to come and go. They move around and their links change. We try to keep this page updated, but it is very difficult. We regularly hunt down and repairing the broken and dead links on this page. It is a time consuming, thankless job. Please send us your updated links and bear with us. Thank you.




  • If you are a divorced or separated father who is not being treated fairly by the courts, lawyers, or other professionals.
  • If you have been falsely accused or charged by your ex.
  • If you are not being given a fair chance at custody or shared parenting.
  • If you have been reduced to being just a visitor to your own child.
  • If a vindictive mother is interfering with your access to your child.
  • If you are having your back broken by unfair support.
  • If your basic civil rights are being violated as a father.
  • If you are threatened with debtor's prison because you cannot pay crippling child support.
  • If your driver's licence has been or may be suspended because you are behind on child support.
    these pages are for you.

Click here Need Proof of Your Divorce? Use this request form to get a divorce certificate

Click here WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR CHILD IS MISSING: A SURVIVAL GUIDE Superb advice from the US Department of Justice. A must read for every parent. . . preferably in advance of any problem.

Click here Tips on Preventing Parental abduction

Click here Help in Locating Missing Children


DISCLAIMER! Please note: CanLaw merely lists these groups for your convenience and offers no advice, comment, or endorsement whatsoever. CanLaw suggests that you and your lawyer evaluate these organizations for yourselves. We would appreciate hearing of any new groups or changes to these. We make one exception in warning everyone to beware of dealing with Ross Virgin of In Search of Profits ... whoops ... that should read In Search of Justice. Caveat Emptor!

"Women only want toasted ice. Arab proverb"

    Please help us keep this list up to date and accurate. Would the individuals responsible for these and related groups please supply us with a brief narrative about your goals and purposes for inclusion with your listing...no mission statements please. Mission statements are for sissies ;-) Stick to the facts. Thank you.
The Fathers/Mothers Equal Rights Society was formed in 1997. It was founded by a small group of parents and professionals who had experienced the difficulties of arranging child custody and access first-hand. We seek to offer an alternative route through divorce proceedings.

Fathers/Mothers Equal Rights Society
P.O. Box 182
1857 West 4th Ave.
Vancouver, B.C. V6J 1M4
call: (604) 736-3155
or Contact them at fathers@vcn.bc.ca

The Fathers/Mothers Equal Rights Society is a non-profit organization registered under the Societies Act.

Click here Victoria Men`s Centre Home Page
Keith Harris President
Box 8082, Victoria B.C. V8W 3R7
Phone: 370-4MEN (250-370-4636)

  • Alberta Men`s Resource Centre
    Chris Cavanaugh
    53321,10405 Jasper Avenue
    Edmonton, T5J 3S2

  • Movement for the Establishment of Real Gender Equality (M.E.R.G.E.)
    Ferrel Christiansen
    #501-10011 116th Street
    Edmonton T5K 1V3
    (403) 488-4593 Fax (403) 434-9633

  • Click here Family of Men Support Society
    Earl Silverman
    320, 223 - 12 Ave SW
    Calgary, AB T2V 0G9
    Contact person; Earl
    crisisline; (403) 242-4077
    office (403) 265-6274
    fax; (403) 265-6434

  • The Equitable Child
    Suite 191, 100,1039 17 Avenue S.W.
    Calgary T2T 0B2
    FAX (403) 948-9901

  • Canadians for Organizational and Personal Accountability   (C.O.P.A.)
    Rev. Dorian Baxter, Chairman
    P.O. Box 310     New Sarepta, T0B 3M0
    (403) 417-1171   FAX (403) 449-0747   1-800-838-1062

    Click here Homepage   Fax:  (819) 771-5566

  • Men`s Legal Defense Fund
    Mark Wickman
    4652 Sherbrooke West #3  Montreal   H3Z 1G3
    Tel:  (514)  846-5733

  • Click here Groupe d'entraide aux pères et soutien à l'enfant (GEPSE) inc.
    4272 Papineau, bureau 101
    Montréal, Québec H2H 1S9
    Tél. 514 527-3166    Email
       Fax. 514 527-2667
    Father's right group since 1983.m

  • Fatherhood...Imagine that!
    Tel:(902)466-6784    E-Mail

    9 Esson Road,     Dartmouth, Nova Scotia     B2Y-2H7
  • We are a support/advocacy group for non-custodial parents. The name is gender-specific because we must reflect the reality that it is mostly fathers who lose their parental role as a result of divorce. We provide phone counselling for individuals in need, we meet bi-monthly for support/advocacy meetings. Our meetings focus on positive parenting and leadership skills as well as communication skills for NCP's. We recommend changes to legislation that affects children of divorce as well as their parents. We support shared parenting after a divorce as the only effective method of countering the adversity in our present Family Court system.

  • Click here Men's Divorce Help Line
    Contact: Don Littler   301 Douglas Ave.  Glace Bay   Nova Scotia
  • Information for men involved in divorce,custody and access problems who are experiencing bias in the systems.

    Organize and lobby your provincial government. Demand changes in the administration of family law...and stop appeasing women. It is the only way to change the endemic discrimination against men and fathers in family court. No support without access!

    The Second Wives Crusade consists of second wives, step-families, blended families, and grandparent organizations who are working together with ACFC to increase the numbers of children raised in two-parent families, improve the futures of children, to encourage cooperative shared parenting, and assure equal rights and responsibilities for all parties affected by divorce or the break-up of the family. Click here Come visit the new Second Wives Crusade website Be warned these second wives are also ex wives who screwed their other husbands. Be warned that while the Second Wives groups are currently helping men, they are only doing it for themselves. Do not trust them or count on them. If they get into a snit over their new husbands, they will revert to their true vindictive, vicious greedy nature. Quislings and collaborators are useful, but dangerous and never to be trusted.

    Click here An interesting US site with a fathers rights manifesto.
    Click here A comprehensive listing of Father's Rights sites


    Click here The Ontario Human Rights Code This does not apply for men and fathers.

  • Email We are heavily involved in the issue of family violence Balance Beam located in Clinton Ont, just north of London, Bx. 1231, NOM 1LO
    Tel. (519)482-1396 The contact person is Tony Vorsteveld

  • Ex-fathers: Ex-fathers Ex-fathers a self-help and advocacy group for men denied the opportunity to raise their children. We operate mainly in southern and eastern Ontario

    Phone: (705) 745-2251

    Contact name: Lloyd Gorling
    751 Maryland Ave
    Peterborough, Ontario, K9J 4P5

  • Canadians for Organizational and Personal Accountability    (C.O.P.A.)
    Dorian Baxter, Chairman
    416 Dezanjan Circle   Newmarket L3Y 8H5
    Tel: (905) 853-0316   FAX (905) 853-0533
    also   Zahir Antia   Tel: (905) 428-0400 254 Ravenscroft Road   Ajax L1T 2A1

  • Ontario Families in Search of Justice Information Center
    Joseph Malacarne
    901 Lawrence Avenue West   Toronto. M6A 1C3
    Tel: (416) 789-7011   Fax (416) 789-3981

  • Freedom For Kids
    Nicholas Kovats - cofounder
    1-38 Grenadier Road   Toronto.M6R-1R2
    Tel: (416) 603-1177   Email

  • Click here Father's Battling Injustice

    Free, open membership, Pay by participating
    Fathers Rights organisation with open membership
    Contact name: Dave Foster
    34 Southport St, Suite: 88576
    Toronto Ontario M6S3J3

    A non-custodial parents organization focused on Family Law issues.
    D.A.D.S., Canada
    4243c Dundas Street West,
    P.O. Box 147,
    Toronto, Ontario M8X 1Y5
    telephone 410-3237 or 410-(dads)
    President Stacy Robb

    Human Equality Action and Resource Team (H.E.A.R.T.)
    Butch Windsor
    9 Crescent Place #2109
    East York. M4C 5L8
    (416) 698-3655 Fax (416) 698-3655

  • Maintainence and Access Society Fairness in Family Law
    James Hodgins
    16 Woodgarden Cresc.  Toronto.   M1E 3K2
    Tel: (416) 281-8854   (416) 608-2156

  • Toronto Fathers Resources
    Fathers' Resources International PO BOX 114 Station A  Toronto   M5W 1A2
    Tel: (416) 861-0626

    Toll-free: 1-888-54-Daddy

  • Kids Need Both Parents
    Bill Flores
    3 Chestnut Hills Cresc. #301  Etobicoke   M9A 2W3
    Tel: (905) 829 3639


    We are an organization advocating for the children's rights to have equal access to both parents after separation or divorce, the dismantling of the adversarial system in Family Law and the equal treatment of both genders.

    We do not provide any legal referrals to people calling our line. Those who are in need of guidance or moral support are asked to attend an introduction meeting on Tuesday evenings if they live in the West End Area, others to the closest known organization.
    Those joining our organization participate in political lobbying and networking.

      Introduction Meetings:
    • Every Tuesday from 7.00 PM to 9.30 PM at:
    • All Saints Anglican Church (East Basement Entrance) 2850 Bloor St. West. (at Prince Edward)(3 blocks east of Royal York) Etobicoke. Ont.

    • Kids Need Both Parents Email
      Chuck Farrauto
      139 Balsam Road South  Hamilton L8M 3B6
      Tel: (905) 549-8442

    • Separated Families of Canada
      Jim Chamney
      Tel: (905) 578-5879    FAX (905) 578-7984

    • Fathers Helping Fathers

      Web Site Title
      Click here Fathers Helping Fathers is North America wide! Join the largest network of parents (not all men), grand parents, in-laws to work with the system to promote equal rights to all especially our children! "Let us not forget that often the victims of our society are also the future of our society _ They are our Children." Tim Ready Love makes all good things things happen. Let out your frustration, let us help. For the good of your kids.

      Street 75 Fiddlers Green Rd.Suite 811
      City London ON N6H 4S8

    • Dad`s Paper
      Ken Kissman
      4646 Miller Road  Welland.   L3B 5N7
      Tel:(905) 734-3105    FAX (905) 734-9533

    • Single Father`s Of Niagara
      Alan Roth
      5 Welstead Drive #15  St. Catherines   L2S 3Y1
      Tel: (905) 684-3069   

    • Ontario Centre For Men
      Bruce Barking
      P.O. Box 6  Guelph   N1H 6J6
      Tel:(519) 836-3191

    • Father`s For Justice Inc.
      Joe Lopez
      380 King Street North  Waterloo
    • Click here Shared Parenting Forum "Divorce inflicts damage to family; man against woman; child is the prize to be won. Fathers today do not accept being separated from their children. Shared Parenting Forum is dedicated to the changes in the family law" Shared Parenting favours children.

      Contact name: Paul Ford
      270 Eiwo Court Suite: 307
      Waterloo, Ontario, N2K 3M6
      FAX 886-7717

    • Children For Justice
      Frank Verkey or Dale Cherr
      22-1430 Jalna Blvd.  London   N6E 3C1
      Tel: (519) 668-1299

    • Click here The Children's Voice
      Advocates for the right of children to have equal access to both parents after separation or divorce. Networking to lobby for the dismantling of the adversarial system of Family Law.

      1288 Sir David Dr.
      Oakville, Ontario L6J 6V9

    • Father`s For Family Justice
      Tel: (519) 371-6522  Email
       Work (519) 376-1805
      Contact name: Graham Jordan
      PO Box 111
      Owen Sound ON N4K 5P1

    • Family United Network
      Don Theroux
      318 Mountain Street  Sudbury   P3C 2T7
      Tel: (705) 673-1386   FAX (705) 671-0065

    • Click here Dads Wanting Truth Support Group
      Fighting For Rights For Fathers Who Are Fighting For Support For There Children Or Child. Who Have No Other Resources Left To Go to.
      Contact: Trevor
      473 Montague Street Suite 3
      Sudbury ON P3C4G6
    • Help Us Get Support (H.U.G.S.)
      Brandon King
      General Delivery  Sunderland
      Tel; (705) 357-3735 (phone and fax)

    • Elliot Lake Men`s Centre
      Gary Romaine or John Bloom
      Hwy 108  Elliot Lake
      Tel: (705) 461-1331

    • Canadian Men`s Parenting Association
      Bruce Rosove
      21 Morris Street  Ottawa   K1S 4A6
      Tel;(613) 233-8013   Fax (819) 994-2085

    • Fathercraft Communication
      Men's Health Network
      Glenn Cheriton, Ottawa Co-ordinator,
      73 Eccles St, Ottawa, Ont. K1R 6S5
      Tel: (613)238-3208 Fax: (613)238-3491

    • Canadian Council For Co-parenting
      Single Father`s Network Of Ottawa
      Robert Gagnon
      P.O. Box 555 Station A   Ottawa.   K1N 9H1
      Tel:  (613)  233-0273

    • Click here Ottawa Men's Centre A dedicated support group whose primary goal is to stem the trend of suicide by fathers. We provide divorce resources, impartial attorney referrals and support for men or fathers who are victims of false allegations, parental alienation and or gender bias.

  • Why do women try to claim that their god is a woman but never say the devil is?
    There is certainly no doubt about the devil.

    'Women say married men live longer then single men. Married men will tell you it only seems longer."

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