News about the DEAD and BURIED Child Custody and Access Reform Special Joint Committee
You really think you have rights?




As long as Ottawa politicians pander to women's groups and militant feminism, there will be no reform of child custody and access in Canada.

"...If allowed any rights of their own, they will acknowledge no rights at all in any one else, and never will yield in anything, unless they can be compelled..." John Stuart Mill, The Subjection of Women 1869
Access and Custody for fathers remains a myth.

The only thing fathers can get in Canada is a persistent denial of all their civil rights, complete denial of contact with their children, and jail if they miss support payments to parastic freeloading mothers who breed for profit.

The Department of Justice web site dealing with Click here Parenting After Divorce is not very impressive. Buried among the platitudes and propaganda there must be a kernal worth gleaning somewhere on the site.

It is anti male, ignores the reality. The "statistics" quoted are more likely to be fabricated, imagined or anecdotal. One section actually says that it is FATHERS who gain custody by intimidation who are denying access to (poor victims) mothers.

What can we expect from a government funded site? The Justice Department and the courts are infested with feminists and their hate male propaganda. There can be no justice for men or fathers in Canada until this changes.

Nevertheless, the web site contains huge amounts of research material and gives some insight into the feminist thinking of the social planners in the Justice Department and the government on family law issues.

Use it with caution. Treat all claims and "facts" on the web site as biased and not to be accepted at face value..... but use it to organize your own cases and to know what the enemy is thinking

J Kirby Inwood

J Kirby Inwood is a Canadian veteran of the family law wars and a long term father's rights activist who advocates that women are abusing men and destroying families and fatherhood in their headlong rush to "independence" and that children are paying the price. He has fought for changes in society's perception of men as the source of all evil and has long been a favourite target of Militant Feminists who work very hard to suppress him and his views.area
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You really think you have rights?
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