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"We Win or It Is Free" and the Truth


"We Win or Your Money Back"

How can you lose? You have a traffic ticket. You know the fine is bad enough, but the points loss and the probable increase in your insurance premiums will be a killer. Right?

Then you see an ad from some court agent or paralegal, often claiming to be an ex police officer with years of traffic court experience, offering you the a terrific deal. No win, No cost.

If it sounds too good to be true, you know it isn't.

So what do these offers really mean? Remember this: No matter what happens in court, you still have to pay their fees up front.

So just what does "win" mean? What does free mean?

You think it means a complete acquittal and dismissal of the charges with no fine, no points and no record to raise your insurance rates, right? Wrong.

You think that if you get convicted, you will get your money back? Wrong again.

If they do not get all of the above, you do not have to pay them anything. Guess again.

They will tell you that if they get the fine or points reduced, that is a win. Generally that is very easy to do. More often than not the crown will accept a deal to save court time and trade a reduced charge or fine for a quick guilty plea.

Traffic court hearings are very informal. Deals and discounts are the order of the day. If you have any sort of half decent reason, you can get your fine reduced.

Crowns and judges just want to get through the list. They will usually make any deal which will save them time.

You may actually be completely innocent, but the courts really figure the police wouldn't have charged you for nothing, so human nature being what it is, you are really presumed guilty. The police officer's word counts for a lot more than yours does in court.

You still get a conviction and a record on your driving abstract and your insurance company will definitely hear about it. That is the real world you are living in and there is little you can do about it..


Well you are wrong. Surprised?

Court agents who advertise no win, no charge, are misleading you.

Generally, all court agents charge you a fee for their preparation time, for attending in court and representing you. That fee will run a few hundred dollars. You pay that no matter what the outcome of the hearing. Usually you pay it up front before they will even take on your case.

Where the no win, no charge bit comes in, is often in the fine imposed. The agent simply raises his basic fee by the probable amount of the fine you face and collects that from you in advance as well. It is hidden in their basic fee.

Should you lose, they generously pay your fine from the money you already paid them for the fine. If the fine is less then what they thought it would be they pocket the difference. No refund, because you have no idea that you have been had.

These operators have it set up so they pay out the least amount of refund and take home as much of your money as possible. Even when they lose your case.

You keep hearing that tickets get tossed because the cop doesn't show. Don't count on it. It happens, but very rarely.

You hear that tickets get tossed because of trivial errors on the ticket. Forget it. The court will let the crown correct minor errors and reschedule your hearing.

Remember that "We Win Or It's Free" or "No Win No Pay" or "We Win or Your Money Back" is an advertising ploy, plain and simple. If these types of companies (advertising the "guarantee") are not willing to give your money back in full, if they do not win your case outright, shop around. You may find a better "deal" somewhere else. If they offer you a full money back guarantee over the phone, get them to fax you the guarantee so you can have a look at it. You will then be able to make sure before you sign .

If they are not willing to give you your entire money back, do you consider their advertising misleading? If you do, there are government agencies that you should call, to stop this type of advertising.

Guarantees are easily written and usually hard to collect on. They are written on a case by case basis depending on what you are charged with, and generally to protect the company. That is why they don't get into specifics in their advertisements.

This page has been derived from an unknown source. We will happily give credit where due if that source comes forward. CanLaw

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