Guaranteed Method of Getting New Clients

I guarantee that if you do the following you will get new clients and build a rock solid business for yourself

I have used this method for some thirty years and it works. There is no magic to it. If you honestly use this approach for a few months you will see it pay off in gold.

HERE IS THE KEY: You must make an hour's worth of cold calls every single day. For every 100 cold calls you make, you will get 10 appointments with prospects. For every 10 prospect appointments you are guaranteed one new solid paying customer. This method costs nothing, but takes hard work and perseverance. Cold calling is one of the hardest things to do, but you will get good at it and it is the ONLY way to build a small successful business.

 Every morning between 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM, make a series of cold phone calls to new prospective customers.

When you cold call, get the name, title, phone email, web site and other information from reception and type it in your contact manager software.

TIP: Do not leave a message to have the prospect phone you back. If they do not know you, they will not call and you lose control of the process. When  you get through to your prospect, find out when s/he is or will be in the market for your product or service and make a note to follow up a month or so before that time.  Create and build a database of new prospects  from your cold calling, by using  contact manager software.  This will let you keep track of calls, results and follow ups.   Keeping good notes and records of your cold calls and all contacts is vital. These are the foundation of your new business sources.

Late every afternoon take time to follow up on your cold calls. Do call backs and follow ups.


Create stock sales letters and using your contact manager software, fax your prospects over night.  Do not go overboard with this. Send no more then a 100 faxes a night. Make certain all faxes are personalized so they appear to be written for that one person alone. Be sure that you obey all local regulations regarding faxes since failure to do so can cause problems for you. If someone sends you a request not to fax them honour all requests without fail.

When you make a personal sales call, be sure and send a follow up thank you that evening.

 If you have something new to tell your prospects, call them. Look for excuses to keep in touch and do just that, but do not make a nuisance of yourself.  Always be professional.

 Keep plugging. Cold calling is hard miserable work, but it pays off if you work at it. Avoid finding excuses to put it off "just for today." Cold calling may be the most important thing you do in your day.

Good luck. Luck, after all, is simply the pay off for hard work.

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