Policing Standards Manual on Wife Assault Police Services. Police are under orders to arrest the man at domestic violence scenes.
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". . .and who will protect Caesar from the Praetorian Guard?"

There is absolutely no effective, independent method of disciplining and controlling police officers anywhere in Canada who break the law on duty.

ARE THE POLICE HARASSING YOU? Please email a very short 100 word outline of your complaint to CanLaw. We are exploring the size of this problem in Canada. Do NOT phone us.Thank you. Also see Click here Office of the Independent Police Review Director Is the Office of the Independent Police Review Director actually producing any results or is it just another toothless.police lapdog?


Police are under orders to arrest the man at all domestic violence scenes.

Click here Download the Policing Standards Manual on "Wife Assault" This is the original version. The police have generally sanitized the language in later editions of their manuals to appear non gender specific, but the facts remain. Men are guilty and women are always innocent victims.

The police do not recognize that women are also perpetrators of domestic violence. In fact, more woman admit they assault their husbands than the reverse.

There is apparently no such thing as "husband assault." Police are required by the various provincial Attorneys General or the Solicitors General to arrest the man and to provide all possible assistance to the women, in all domestic assault investigations.

Download the full text of the Police's "mandatory guidelines" & procedures which by themselves violate men's Charter rights. Use this manual to stay false wife assault charges. This manual or variations of it are in use across Canada.

The Ontario Government says the manual is a set of "Mandatory Guidelines." How's that for "Orwellian newspeak?"

So called Domestic Assault courts in Ontario average 85% conviction rates. That is not justice, that is a star chamber. Do our courts discriminate against men? Of course they do. The discrimination is open and blatant in every court in the land.

Beware of the Toronto Police Department:

Cherry Beach Express is a song about the notorious 52 Division of the Toronto Police force. They have long been known to routinely take prisoners and suspects to a deserted, industrial waste land called Cherry Beach and beat the crap out of them.

There was at least one major law suit where a Cherry Beach Express victim was awared a six figure settlement against the Toronto goons who took him on the Cherry Beach Express.

The Toronto Police force has also had a steady stream of corruption problems, accusations and officers charged for various criminal offences. The force has serious ethical and criminal problems and needs to be cleaned out from top to bottom.

Other police departments are known to take suspects out of town and dump them. In Saskatchewan at least one man froze to death when the police took him out in the country and left him.

Canadian Police Agencies on the Internet
Below is a partial list of police force web sites in Canada. It will be added to as time permits. If you have a site to add, please send the details to us.

Looking for a cop? It is probably easier to find a cop here then having to go to your local donut shop to find one. If necesssary, we will add the phone number for Tim Hortons.

Click here CopNet
A huge web site of Police links, information and world wide resources posted by cops for cops. Useful for its many resources and very revealing about the Police v John Citizen attitude many police have.

  • R.C.M.P.

    If you wish to file a formal complaint against the RCMP, please visit the web site for the Click here Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP. The RCMP says: " The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) works with communities to ensure the safety of all Canadians. It enforces federal laws, provides contract policing to most provinces, many municipalities and First Nations (Indian) communities.

    The RCMP participates in peacekeeping efforts and supplies world-leading expertise in areas like forensics and criminal intelligence to Canadian and international police." They don't say how they break the law themselves, protect foreign murdering dictators while attacking innocent Canadian citizens with pepper spray or worse. They aren't the Gestapo, but one wonders if that is what some of them want to be.....??? We are no longer impressed by this once fine service. They do not seem to respect the Charter, the Law or the Rights of ordinary Citizens.

  • Click here Calgary Police Service Not much of a web site. Mostly just local information and contacts. This force has a woman as chief.... did she earn the job or get it because she is female?
  • Click here Lethbridge Police Service Local contacts and links to other police related sites. They have a page of domestic violence nonsense which regurgitates the usual feminist propaganda. Beware of the big lie.
  • Click here University of Manitoba Police Service The Security Services Department says it "provides safety for all persons who visit or are on the UM Campus. This is accomplished in a number of different ways. One way is to develop proactive programs such as Safe Walk that provides an escort on the campus for anyone who requests one."

    This type of attitude is a reflection of the belief that all male students are rapists. The Safe Walk program is an insult to all men everywhere and is a "service" only really available to women. These hate male programs create an atmosphere of fear, panonia and hostilty and accomplish little.

  • Click here Winnipeg Police Service This is a police web site which encourages vigilanteism while pretending to disparage it. It posts pictures of wanted people, alleged sex offenders, offers cash rewards for "snitches." The only thing missing is instructions on how to organize a lynching. Law enforcement is one thing... this police service is way overboard.
    Nova Scotia
  • Click here Halifax Police Another police site which is feminist controlled. "The Halifax Regional Police Victim Services Unit is seeking volunteers to help provide emotional support, information, practical assistance and referral to community resources for victims of crimes involving intimate partner/spousal abuse." Of course, this does not apply to men. It is for women only and this is yet another Canadian police force which just doesn't get it.

Do the Police Lie in Court? All the time.

There are thousands of cases on point.
Here is yet another news report

Mon, January 21, 2009

WINNIPEG -- A growing number of Canadian police officers are facing charges of perjury -- the serious and usually rare crime of giving false testimony.

At least eight officers, either active or recently retired, will head to courts in Toronto, Winnipeg and Regina over the next two months accused of an offence that carries a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison.

"I have not seen this many examples of perjury charges brought against police officers," says James Morton, a Toronto lawyer and adjunct professor at York University's Osgoode Hall Law School.

"I don't think this means that police are lying more than they used to," Morton said..

"It used to be that people just didn't believe policemen would lie. That sort of restriction has disappeared now."

Perjury is viewed as dangerous enough to the justice system that it's actually enshrined in Canada's Constitution, Morton said. "It is the only crime that is expressly referred to in the Charter of Rights (and Freedoms)."

Most serious when the accusation is levelled against a member of the justice system, perjury is extremely difficult to prove. Prosecutors have to show the evidence was intentionally false.

In the most recent case, two Winnipeg police officers were accused last week of lying under oath about how they obtained a search warrant in a drug investigation.

Also last week, a British Columbia RCMP officer was temporarily taken off the job because of allegations he gave misleading testimony at an inquest into the 2004 death of Kevin St. Arnaud, who was shot after a drugstore burglary.

Although the force did not use the term perjury, Const. Ryan Sheremetta was suspended under the RCMP Act over allegations that he conducted himself "in a disgraceful manner that could bring discredit on the force by knowingly making false, misleading or inaccurate statement(s) while testifying," Assistant Commissioner Al Macintyre said at a news conference.

In Saskatchewan, a Regina police officer is going to trial, likely in the fall, on a perjury charge that stems from testimony given at a January 2006 traffic-court case involving a seatbelt violation.

Five members of an elite Toronto police drug squad that is facing allegations of extortion and assault are also charged with perjury.

Recent cases of police officers accused of giving false testimony:

- Two Winnipeg police officers, Constables Peter O'Kane and Jess Zebrun, were put on paid administrative leave last week after being charged with perjury. The allegations involve how the officers obtained a search warrant for a drug investigation. -

RCMP Const. Ryan Sheremetta was suspended with pay last week over allegations that he conducted himself "in a disgraceful manner that could bring discredit on the force by knowingly making false, misleading or inaccurate statement(s)" while testifying at an inquest into the death of Kevin St. Arnaud, a man shot by Sheremetta after a 2004 drugstore robbery in Vanderhoof, B.C.

Const. William Schmidt, a Regina police officer, was charged with perjury last March and is expected to go to trial next fall. The allegation stems from testimony given at a January 2006 traffic-court case that involved a seatbelt violation.

Five members of an elite Toronto police drug squad that's facing allegations of extortion and assault are also charged with perjury: Staff Sgt. John Schertzer, Const. Steve Correia, Const. Joseph Miched, Const. Ray Pollard and Const. Ned Maodus. Jury selection is scheduled for February.

Toronto Const. Amar Katoch, 48, acquitted last November of allegations that he assaulted an activist at a violent anti-poverty demonstration in 2003 and then attempted to fabricate evidence.

  • Click here Ontario Provincial Police Currently run by the biggest goon of all, Julien Fantino.

    Links and contacts for all its local detachments throughout the province. If you cannot find a local town or city police force, chances are the OPP covers that area.

    See the song lyrics CHERRY BEACH EXPRESS

    The Toronto Police Department is the home of the non-discriminatory strip search, everyone who annoys them gets illegally stripped and searched.

    Click here Toronto Victims Services Help for victims of crime but really only for women. Has all the politically correct cliches and jargon you can stomach. Men need not apply.

  • Click here Guelph Police Service Basic information and contacts.

  • Click here Peel Regional PoliceContacts and advice.
  • Click here University of Western Ontario yet another University Police service which treats all men as rapists and criminals. Doesn't anyone see what has happened? Does anyone care that our sons are treated this way? Is this why men are now in the minority at all post secondary educational instutions?
    Québec is the province of the language police. It is the province which has traditionally had the most corrupt politicians and police. It is the spoiled brat of confederation. Can you expect justice there? Consider how the anglos are being treated now.
  • Click here Sûreté du Québec

Click here Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
Click here Edmonton Police Service
Click here Canadian Police College /Collège canadien de police

Click here Interpol World's Most Wanted

Call 911, Make a Cop Come

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You really think you have rights?
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