Make a Last Will and Testament Kit
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Product description: How to Write Your Own Last Will and Testament Contains Everything You Need to Write Your Will Without a Lawyer FREE OFFER ONLINE
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You and your spouse should each have a current Will, a Power of Attorney and a Liviing Will to protect yourself, your family and your estate. Last Will and Testament forms kit, Separation Agreement forms, US Waiver Forms, Pardon Application forms. living will, durable power attorney
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Have You Made Your Last Will & Testament Yet?

Why Not? Most people have not. You are not alone.



Last Will & Testament Kit

Contains Everything You Need to Write Your Canadian Legal Will Without a Lawyer

Complete Legal Last Will & Testament Forms & Instructions in a Simple to use CanLaw Legal Kit

Contains Everything

You Need:

CanLaw's Last Will kit has everything you need to prepare your own legal and binding Last Will and Testament.

All the forms and easy to follow instructions which take you step by step through the process are included.


CanLaw Wills are designed for All Canadians and legal across Canada.

  • Detailed instructions
  • Simple to Use
  • Easy to Complete
  • Simple to Print
Perfect for ordinary Canadians with basic and simple assets and needs such as a house, car, couple kids, insurance, bank accounts

You can administer your estate, codicils, financial status, legal aid, beneficiaries, change your will, trustee, executor, create your own legal last will with this CanLaw Canadian Legal Will Form.

Protect Your Family

Create Your Own Canadian Certified

Legal Will & Testament in 20 Minutes

You do not need to use a lawyer to make your own binding legal will in Canada

DID YOU KNOW? If you remarry, your new marriage completely and entirely revokes your old will. You will effectively have no will. You and your new spouse need to make new wills.



There Is No Excuse for Not Preparing Your Will

Protect your family. Legal throughout Canada.

This kit is essential for everyone. If you do not make a legal will, your family could suffer unnecessary hardships.

A government appointed trustee could step in and administer your estate without regard to your wishes.

Designate a Guardian for minor children

To provide for the orderly distribution of your property to your spouse, children, designated heirs and special gifts (to charities for example) upon your death.

Wills are not just for the wealthy, the established older couple or home and business owners.

You probably have much more than you think you do.

Your will ensures that your loved ones, your children and spouse, are provided for as you wish.

Your will creates security for your family.

Only a Will ensures that your assets and your estate, will be passed on as you intended to those you intended. By making your own Will now, you make all these important decisions now, before it is too late.

You can designate the Trustee or Executor who will administer your estate and affairs upon your death.

Why and When You Need To Update Your Will


You can update or change your will  any time.

The necessary forms (codicils) are simple to use and included.

Your marital status changes

When a child is born or adopted

You move to another province

There is a significant change in your financial status

A beneficiary dies

You wish to add, change or remove beneficiaries.

Codicils are intended for small changes to your will. You should always make a new will and destroy all copies of the old if you make significant changes to your existing will,

Making a Will is prudent and simply good planning.

Sometimes you need the advice of a good lawyer, and sometimes, with  CanLaw's Legal Kits - you can do it yourself just as well and save a lot of money.

Canadian Last Will & Testament Kit  $55.00

Protect your family. Legal throughout Canada, this kit is essential for everyone.

If you do not have a legal will, your family could suffer unnecessary hardships.

A government appointed trustee will step in and administer your estate without regard to your wishes.


CanLaw's Last Will and Testament is perfect for ordinary Canadians with basic and simple assets and needs such as a house, car, couple kids, insurance, bank accounts. Don't forget your pets.

Your CanLaw Certified Last Will and Testament gives you the ability to protect your loved ones and to decide what happens to your estate and children after your death - not the government.

CanLaw's Certified Legal Last Will and Testament kit is legal and valid for your will, estate everywhere and anywhere in Canada, including Wills in Ontario, Wills in PEI, Wills in Quebec, Wills in British Columbia, Wills in Alberta, Wills in Manitoba, Wills in Nova Scotia, Wills in Newfoundland, Wills in Nova Scotia, Wills in Saskatchewan, Wills in Yukon, Wills in Nunavut, Wills in North West Territories, Valid in all provinces and territories in Canada. Lawyer and court approved.

Anyone can use these will forms to make a will. No lawyer needed. Court approved.

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