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"Hi, I'm from the government. I am here to help you."


Generally these offices prefer to handle complaints from women who are given preferential treatment in our PC Canada. Men need not apply

Ombudsman generally deal with complaints from people who believe they have been treated unfairly by agencies operating under provincial legislation. This includes government agencies and services.


They do not handle complaints against lawyers, the courts or justice matters.


The Ombudsman can investigate to determine if the public body is being fair to the people it serves.


Nice platitudes, but in practice these offices do little. They are a little like the annual Auditor General's Report. All show, no go.


The Ontario Ombudsman Office is particularly slow, staffed by do nothing snivel servants who look for any excuse to ignore a file and are of little or no use to anyone. They need to be fired and replaced by people who believe in earning their pay.


The Québec Ombudsman's role is to be on the lookout for negligence, errors, unfairness or abuse on the part of Québec government departments and agencies and see that corrective action is taken.





Click here The CBC Ombudsman has a mandate to represent listeners and viewers within the CBC, a mandate to address your concerns about the quality of CBC journalism. Obviously given the ever declining quality of the CBC, she is not doing much.

Click here The DND/CF Ombudsman will provide informal information, advice and guidance to all personnel, military and civilian, in need of help or who believe they have been treated improperly. Seems to be primarily misused by women who joined the armed forces and then decided they did not like to play by the rules.


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