A Criminal Record Can Cause Problems for You for Life.


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A criminal record can be buried with a pardon, record suspension and  a US waiver kit from CanLaw

The Impact of a Criminal Record

police will have full access to your criminal record and files

A criminal record will negatively affect your ability to travel or find a new job or get a promotion, rent an apartment and much more.



A criminal record can be buried with a pardon, record suspension and  a US waiver kit from CanLaw

Getting a Job

Many employers are now conducting police clearance searches before hiring. By signing an application form or an employment agreement, you may be giving your employer permission to conduct a criminal record search. A record will hinder your chances to gain employment.



Understand this: Police records and files on you will never be erased. Records of every contact with you, every complaint by a neighbour, arrest, charge, acquittal, stay, discharge, diversion and conviction are kept permanently by the police regardless of the outcome.

These records will be shared with other police departments and authorities and are not sealed by a pardon or record suspension.

Think of police records as their business records. They need to keep track of their dealings with the public.

RCMP Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector checks


You may need a criminal record check for various purposes, including: employment, adoption, international travel, volunteer work, citizenship, name change, student placement or to obtain a record suspension (formerly pardon).




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