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You, Your Money and Your Credit
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Click here Credit Problems Ruining Your Life?

Click here Do You Have Money or Credit Problems?

Click here Credit problems Warning signs Credit Danger Signals

Click here What creditors can legally do if you do not pay

When you are facing collection agencies, credit turn downs, inaccurate credit bureau information, bankruptcy, there are many services which can help.

Start by obtaining your credit bureau report so you can see exactly what is being said about you.

A bad credit bureau report not only affects credit, it can hurt employment, getting an apartment and many other areas of day to day life.

You need to face up to your problems and deal with them. They will not go away by themselves.

    Collection Agencies and you

  1. Click here What to do when the collection agency calls

  2. Click here Do not speak to a collection agent

  3. Click here How to respond when bill collectors call

  4. Click hereCollection Agency Tricks and Tactics

  5. Click here Debt Collection Specialists AKA Collection Agencies

    Credit Repair Scams
  1. Click here Credit Repair Fraud: All Credit Repair offers are a fraud and a scam Do not get taken in. Rebuild your credit properly
    Pay Day Loans:
  1. Click here Pay day loan fraud: Pay Day Loans charge outrageous interest rates sometimes exceeding 60%. Avoid them at all costs. Quasi legal loan sharking?
    If you need pay day loans you need help. You are just robbing Peter to pay Paul and it will catch up to you very quickly.

  1. Click here About Identity Theft

  2. Click here More about Identity Theft



Consumer Proposals

  1. Click here Consumer Proposals

Bankruptcy, All About

  1. Click here What is Bankruptcy

  2. Click here What is a Trustee in Bankruptcy?

  3. Click here Find a Trustee

  4. Click here List Your Trustee Company

Credit Counselling Services across Canada
  1. Click here About Credit Counselling Services

  2. Click here Choose Credit Counsellors Carefully

  3. Click here Find Credit Counsellors in Your Area

  4. Click here Credit Counselling Companies' Ads on CanLaw

    Credit grantors use your Credit Score and Rating to assess your credit worthiness. A poor score means poor credit and automatic turn downs.
    There are two basic types of credit reports: Credit Rates and Credit Scores. Monitor both twice a year.

  2. Click here Monitor Your Credit Ratings Twice a Year.

  3. Click here Your Credit ReportAbout Your Credit Report

  4. Click here How is your credit score calculated?

  5. Click here All About Credit Scores

  6. Click here Why Did I Get That Particular Credit Score?

  7. Click here Credit Score FAQs

  8. Click here Basic Credit Report Order Form

    Credit Reporting Law
  9. Click here The Law Governing Your Credit Bureau The Consumer Reporting Act
  10. Click here Owe Back Taxes? Revenue Canada Amnesty Program


  • Click here Complaints? Consumer Affairs Offices in Canada

  • Click here Can you afford that Real Estate? Software lets you figure it out on CanLaw

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