It seems hard, but facing your financial problem is actually easier than hiding from it.

Credit Danger Signals

Here Are Some Of The Most Common Danger Signals You Need To Recognize And Address Before Your Financial Difficulties Become Serious Problems

You know if you are in trouble. You need to face it and determine how bad it really is before you can determine the best course of action to achieve financial stability, you need to take a look at where you are right now.


If you answer yes to any of the statements listed below, you have financial problems and are heading for trouble. The longer debt is ignored, the worse it gets and the more difficult it becomes to fix problems.

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  • I am spending 20% or more of my take-home pay on loans and credit card payments.
  • Creditors have threatened to sue, repossess my personal property or hire a collection agency to recover their money.
  • My wages are being garnisheed to pay for outstanding debts.
  • I borrow money for household expenses from friends and family to make it from one pay cheque to the next.
  • Utility companies have cut off service because of outstanding bills.
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  • I am afraid to answer the phone because it might be a collection agency calling.
  • I am spending 20% or more of my take-home pay on loans and credit card payments.
  • I go over my spending limit or use credit cards as a necessity rather than a convenience.
  • I only make the minimum payment on my credit card balances.
  • I have received second notices about overdue accounts.
  • I pay one creditor one month and another the next because there's not enough money to pay both.
  • I pay excessive interest or service charges because I don't pay bills on time.
  • I am renegotiating loans to cut monthly costs or looking for a consolidation loan to pay off old bills and a few new ones.
  • I am looking for a consolidation loan to pay off other consolidation loans.
  • Financial problems are affecting my health, job or marriage.
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