You alone can improve your credit. No one else can.

Beware of any Credit Repair Service

Any Credit Repair Offer is a Fraud and a Scam


Do not get taken in. Rebuilding your credit takes time and effort.

It will take some time to rebuild your credit. Your credit history will remain on your credit report for seven years.


Obviously, you will need to be scrupulous about paying every bill on time. Never miss by even a day.

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How to Rebuild Your Credit



  • Obtaining a prepaid credit card.
  • Obtaining and properly using retail credit cards
  • Get an RRSP loan. They are often available regardless of  your credit.
  • Paying your bills on time and in full. Late payments and collections can have a serious impact on your score.
  • Not applying for credit frequently. Having a large number of inquiries on your credit report can worsen your score.
  • Reducing your credit-card balances. Maxed out cards will affect your Credit Score negatively.
  • Requesting additional credit. Not having sufficient credit can negatively impact your score. Of course if your score is too low, this will not work
  • Reducing your total indebtedness
  • Closing unneeded credit accounts

Beware of Credit Repair Scams

Do not pay any company to rebuild your credit rating.

There is nothing they can do to change your credit rating.

You are the only one who can "fix" your bad credit. There is no shortcut to erasing bad credit records.

Credit repair scams prey on the greed and ignorance of people with credit problems looking for a quick fix.

Anyone who offers to repair your bad credit rating quickly for a fee is lying to you and will take your money and do nothing.

Only You Can Fix Your Credit

Do not be a sucker. Avoid credit repair vultures. There is nothing that they can do, that you cannot do for free.

If there are errors on your credit reports, you can, with a great deal of aggravation, get them removed, You have to prove there is an error. The credit  bureaus will not take your word.

If there are valid reports of bad debts, slow payments, defaults or any other credit problem on your credit report, they will remain there for up to seven years. NOTHING will remove them.

A credit bureau will not remove accurate negative information

from your credit report before the legal time period has expired.

No one can force, coerce, con a credit bureau into removing accurate negative information

It will remain on your file for six years.

There are no "loopholes"

or laws that credit repair companies can use to get correct information off your credit report.

They do not have an insider who will fix it for you.

You are stuck with your bad credit

which in fact you created in the first place. You have to pay the piper.

This could be the best $75 you ever spent.
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