Do you owe back taxes or did you maybe not declare some income?

Use CRA's Voluntary Disclosures Program to avoid prosecution


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Ask CanLaw to find you a tax lawyer before CRA finds you

CRA Offers an Amnesty Program. Come Clean and You Can Get a Second Chance

Want to Come Clean on Your Tax Returns Before Canada Revenue Catches You?



If you did not file a return or did not declare everything on your income tax returns or your GST/HST returns, you can get a second chance to set the record straight and come clean.

The CRA (Canada Revenue Agency.... the income tax police) offers a Voluntary Disclosures Program which allows taxpayers to come forward voluntarily and correct their tax situation.

If you make a full disclosure before the CRA begins a review, an audit or an investigation, you may only have to pay the taxes owing, plus interest and avoid penalties or criminal prosecution.



Do You Owe and Cannot Pay?


Back penalties and interest charges owed as a result of natural disasters or severe personal difficulties  may be reversed by requesting Taxpayer Relief using CRA form RC4288, Request for Taxpayer Relief.

The RC4288 Request for Taxpayer Relief - Cancel or Waive Penalties or Interest


You can phone them at 1-866-256-1147, but proceed very cautiously. It would be better if you talked to a good tax lawyer first, before talking to CRA

$250 a year will bring you new business. Give it a try. You won't regret it




CRA says: "You can make this disclosure yourself, for free, and you do not have to hire a third party to help you."

If you do that, you are like a lamb to the slaughter. You need to consult a tax lawyer to be sure you know what you are getting into and to protect you from an overly ambitious CRA clerk with a quota to meet.

A lawyer cannot be forced to testify against you. Your accountant has no such immunity and could actually be required to testify against you whether he wants to or not.

For general information on the CRA tax Click here Voluntary Disclosures Program call 1-800- 959-8282


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