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Need Legal Help or Qualified Legal Advice?  When you need a Lawyer or legal help anywhere in Canada for any reason, CanLaw will help you.


CanLaw is the first and foremost FREE Lawyer Referral Service in Canada.

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If you need a Toronto criminal lawyer, a Halifax real estate lawyer, or a Regina personal injury lawyer CanLaw will refer you to several.


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CanLaw will find a lawyer, paralegal or appropriate expert for you or anyone, anywhere in the world needing legal help in Canada


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CanLaw has processed over 300,000 referrals free of charge.


We have 72,000 lawyers in our systems from coast to coast to coast in Canada. If we cannot find you a lawyer, no one can.

CanLaw provides many free services to all who use this web site.


There are some premium services for which we charge, but all our basic services are free for the asking.

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There are many, many imitators of CanLaw on the net.


They come and go, but only CanLaw has been solidly on line since 1996, averaging some 1,000,000 hits a month.


No one can match our record.

CanLaw was founded in July 1996 and has been on line without interruption ever since


CanLaw is a free lawyer referral service offering legal assistance to anyone, anywhere in the world seeking legal help in Canada.

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CanLaw has helped about 300,000 people find lawyers in response to their asking us to help them




CanLaw averages about 85, 000 individual visitors per month.




They view nearly 1000,000 pages (i.e. hits) per month.




Nearly 10,000,000 people have visited the CanLaw seeking legal help since going Online in 1996,




About 8,000 other sites have voluntarily listed CanLaw on their sites and linked to CanLaw without being asked.