WARNING: Copy Cat Lawyer Referral Services.

CanLaw was the first on line  Lawyer Referral Service in Canada and remains the number one lawyer referral service site.

Our success has spawned countless imitators. plagiarizers, poachers and fraud artists who copy CanLaw often word for word, but cannot deliver the services they claim to provide.

The Law Society or Upper Canada is one of the worst bullies attacking us because we cost them a huge amount of fees charged to people seeking referrals. We have never charged for referrals and never will. Beware of the LSUC.  CanLaw has filed a defamation suit against the LSUC which is buried in the legal system but will eventually be heard.

We cannot name the  others to avoid litigation. Ask them for their traffic levels. Usually they have little or nearly no traffic.

CanLaw sometimes get attacked and defamatory postings are placed on the internet simply because we are the number one service in Canada. They are usually posted by either competitors like the Law Society of Upper Canada or by people who owe CanLaw money and are just deadbeats and thieves.


They are often just fronts for a lawyer or two and you get no real choice. When you ask them for a referral, you are not getting a referral service. You are being passed on to the site owner's or investor's law firm.

That is not choice, that is fraud and you are being cheated

 CanLaw has about 72,000 lawyers in our system to draw on.  We have been helping people like you for some 20 years now. No one else can match our record of service to people needing legal help.