Pribatic is not welcome on CanLaw and in fact is banned for life CanLaw Lawyer Directory: Some People Never Learn Pribatic Pribatic is not welcome on CanLaw and in fact is banned for life

Pribatic is not welcome on CanLaw and in fact is banned for life.

Last year I blogged on the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) warning about the so-called lawyer directory (CanLaw is not a so- called directory. It is a legitimate directory of 72000 lawyers. Pribatic has not bothered to check his facts in his rush to attack CanLaw), CanLaw and its principal, J. Kirby Inwood. The LSUC issued the following Notice to the Profession entitled “Law Society Cautions Against Use of Canadian Lawyers Index”:

Undeterred, Mr. Inwood’s site remains active.

I received the following email from Inwood which reads as follows:

From: Referrals []

Sent: October 9, 2012 6:14 PM

To: ANTONIN I. PRIBETIC is not welcome on CanLaw and in fact is banned for life.
Subject: What is one new client worth to you?

Antonin I Pribetic
Steinberg Morton Hope & Israel LLP
1100-5255 Yonge St
North York ON M2N 6P4

Good Morning Antonin




and we will email requests to find a lawyer from clients in the North York area directly to you for just

$275.00 ANNUALLY

Only CanLaw Guarantees Referrals or Your Money Refunded
We average about 15,000 referrals a year.


Go to
and subscribe today.

No other obligation. You will do very well with this service.


* CanLaw gets about 15000 requests to find lawyers for clients annually.
* These clients want a lawyer right now and are willing and able to pay.
* We forward the ones in your North York area to you.
* You pick and choose only those clients you want.
* The subject line in the referrals we send you lets you cherry pick the referrals without even opening the emails: e.g.

“CanLaw client wants Estates lawyer in North York”


“CanLaw client wants Criminal lawyer in North York”

* We never give your name to the clients.
* Delete any client you are not interested in.
* You do not have to contact any client you are not interested in.
* Fast, easy and you control everything.

No matter what your area of practice, paying CanLaw clients are asking us to find a lawyer like you right now.

SCEPTICAL? You can see a list of a few hundred current referrals at

Current CanLaw Referrals List

CanLaw delivers clients, not empty promises. Questions? Call me at 519-439-1843

Thank you.

J Kirby Inwood

Tel: 519-439-1843
Twenty Five Foster Ave
Fax: 519-439-9491
London ON N6H 2K7

According to the CanLaw website, here is how the lawyer directory is supposed to work:


  • First: Select your town in the box above and fill in the simple Find Me a Lawyer form to tell us why you need a lawyer. It only takes half a minute and it is free.
  • Once CanLaw receives your request for a lawyer anywhere in Canada, it is evaluated by our expert staff.
  • CanLaw selects the appropriate lawyers and immediately forwards your request, at no cost to you, to them.
  • Those CanLaw lawyers who are interested in taking your case will then contact you personally by phone or email as you request, at the time you request.
  • All CanLaw lawyers are carefully selected from CanLaw’s database of some 72,000 lawyers practicing law in Canada.
  • CanLaw’s Lawyer Referral Service is free to anyone, or any business, anywhere in the world seeking a lawyer anywhere in Canada.

CanLaw’s “Terms and Conditions of Service” are, shall we say, unconventional:


Absolutely nothing on this site constitutes legal advice.

CanLaw Inc. ( referred to as CanLaw or CanLaw Inc.) is not a law firm and we are not lawyers nor paralegals.

I release CanLaw Inc. and all others from any liability that may arise from my use of this site.

All access to and use of the CanLaw (and its related sites) web site is subject to all of the terms and conditions listed below. Your use of this site constitutes acceptance of all of our terms. CanLaw reserves the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time without notice.

Users of this site agree to be bound by any and all of the terms and rules of CanLaw which constitute a legal agreement between you and CanLaw Inc. If you do not agree, please do not use this site or our services. If you access and use this Web site, you accept and agree to be bound by and comply with all these terms.

All material produced by CanLaw is copyright by CanLaw. All sales are final.

CanLaw Inc. is the sole owner and operator of the CanLaw. Kirwood Inc. was closed in 2009 and ceased operations at that time.

So, neither Inwood nor any of his staff (presuming he has a staff) are lawyers or paralegals.

Perhaps Inwood has sought legal advice in crafting the T&C for the website, but I’m not confident of this assertion. Consider the following excerpt:

Opinion and Fair Comment

This site encourages debate and free speech

Any comments posted by CanLaw or its officers or agents are their personal opinion only.

The information appearing on this site is for general guidance purposes only. Such information is not intended to provide legal advice to any individual or entity.

You are urged to consult with your own legal advisors before taking any action based on any information appearing on this site or any Web site to which it may be linked.

The opinions expressed on the CanLaw sites, in articles and/or linked pages, are the opinions of the authors and not necessarily the opinions of CanLaw or our lawyers, our advertisers, subscribing or listed lawyers or CanLaw management. CanLaw has no opinions.

Opinions expressed in linked pages on other web sites are not under our control and we are not responsible in any way for their content.

CanLaw has no ownership or management connections to any other companies or law societies anywhere. We are not lawyers. We cherish our independence and freedom.

Dealing with Lawyers:

The information in each lawyer’s listing was supplied by him/her. CanLaw Inc accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any ramifications involving any individual’s use of this information.

No one may take any legal action against CanLaw Inc. for any reasons whatsoever arising from retaining a lawyer directly or indirectly through the CanLaw referral service or any other service of CanLaw Inc.

We make no claims, or guarantees to anyone who uses the information herein.

You are expected to make your own decisions regarding the choice of a lawyer and to live with the consequences of your decision regardless of any input from CanLaw.

The CanLaw site also boasts “300,000 free referrals” since its inception in 1996 and “averaging some 1,000, 000 hits a month. No one can match our record.”  Moreover, CanLaw boldly represents that “We have 72,000 lawyers in our systems from coast to coast to coast in Canada. If we cannot find you a lawyer, no one can.”

All the disclaimers in the world will not help Inwood here. On the one hand, CanLaw is replete with statements that use of the site does not constitute legal advice and that the user accepts all responsibility for contacting and choosing a lawyer. On the other hand, CanLaw then recommends that one “Ask CanLaw for a Reference Before You Retain a Lawyer“.

Wait, there’s more.

What I can’t seem to figure out is how CanLaw can have access to 72,000 lawyers in Canada, without all 72,000 lawyers giving permission or prior consent to be included in a lawyer directory database. (Pribatec has no clue here. How CanLaw does things is none of his business. Just because he can't figure out the facts, he just makes them up. It is highly unlikely that this information is freely available from law society databases en masse. Perhaps CanLaw has an algorithm that is able to harvest the publicly available lawyer information, but many lawyers do not include email addresses, or, in some cases, telephone numbers. If the data has been harvested from other lawyer directories, then this may pose a bigger problem.

That said,  any lawyer who subscribes and pays hard earned money to be added to legal directories run by non-lawyers, or have no licensed lawyers as principals or on staff, is either desperate or lazy.


These types of lawyer directories are ungovernable by any law society. NOT EVERY ONE ANSWERS TO ANY LAW SOCIETY. MANY COMPETE WITH THEM Caveat emptor applies to the public, but the Consumer Protection Act only goes so far, especially as this form of lawyer matchmaking or lawyer online dating service seems not to have caught the media’s attention.

Inwood appears to have a love-hate relationship with the legal profession. He certainly dislikes most lawyers, if these recent tweets are any indication:

Taking isolated tweets out of context is dishonest and typically the tactics of the

Finally, the following is the text of my email I sent to the LSUC-Complaints Services last night:

Dear Complaints Services:

Further to my tweet to your Twitter account: @LawSocietyLSUC this evening, please refer to the email below from J. Kirby Inwood of CanLaw of even date.

While it appears that the website has addressed the prior issue of misleading advertising by unauthorized statements of affiliation or approval of the LSUC,

This is a lie. No one at CanLaw has ever suggested any LSUC association whatsoever.

it also appears that Mr. Inwood is misrepresenting the nature and scope of the legal directory, boasting access to all lawyers in Canada. This, notwithstanding that there are very few lawyers listed in any given geographical region (e.g. “Ontario lawyers” or “Toronto lawyers”).

what utter nonsense. What sort of person is pribetic? We would not want to deal with him but his attacks on us are damaging and defamatory and simply absurd. What is going on with this Pribetic character? is there some underlying problem here? We have not been able to reason with him and have given up and written him off.

I trust the foregoing is of assistance,

Yours truly,

Antonin I. Pribetic

I now leave this matter in the LSUC’s capable hands.

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11 Responses to “CanLaw Lawyer Directory: Some People Never Learn”Pribatic is not welcome on CanLaw and in fact is banned for life

  1. shg Says:

    Uh oh. Now Inwood isn’t going to send you fabulous referrals. You will be left off the train of wealth and success while your brethren reap the benefits of social media. However will you manage?

  2. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    I will continue to lead a practice of quiet desperation, comforted by the sound when a tree in the forest falls.

  3. JB Says:

    Pribatic is not welcome on CanLaw and in fact is banned for life

    He apparently hates women and Quebec as well:

    CBC Montreal‏@CBCMontreal

    Canada to back limits on asbestos
    14 SepCanLaw ‏@CanLaw

    @CBCMontreal Quebec should be kicked out of Canada. Nothing else will shut them up. They are worse than women when it comes to whining

    Sage ACT!‏@ACTbySage

    Eight Success Strategies for Women Leaders

    21 SepCanLaw ‏@CanLaw

    @ACTbySage sexist crap

    CanLaw ‏@CanLaw

    Could we build a new Berlin wall around Quebec? Soundproof and cemented with poutine? Remember when the media was touting Charest as PM?

  4. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    And yet both women and likely Quebecers subscribe to his lawyer directory.

  5. David Sugerman Says:

    Good Lord. I missed all this first time through and only saw it after the recent Twitter traffic. If I can assist, please let me know via email, the Skype or that thing that sits on the desk with an attached cord through which people converse.

  6. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    Thanks, David. It’s well in hand. I know how to deal with these types of nuisances.

  7. Me Says:
    Pribatic is not welcome on CanLaw and in fact is banned for life

    Pribetic and his ilk can;t hold a candle to CanLaw. They have nothing to do because they have no business and CanLaw has refused to accept their repeated requests to subscribe

  8. Antonin I. Pribetic Says:

    My ilk and I consider CanLaw and you, J. Kirby Inwood, as its principal, to be parasites feeding off the ignorance of the public and some lawyers who believe that lawyer directory websites are a short-cut to credentials and experience. CanLaw is the bottom of the internet barrel, but thanks for trying to troll my blog. Oh, and by the way, if I “have no business and CanLaw has refused to accept their repeated requests to subscribe”, then why did Inwood send me another email subscription on April 4, 2013? Desperate much? Get lost.

  9. Says:

    This blog moron must be desperate for a life As a “lawyer” he is a foolish non starter who spends so much time attacking others that he cannot have much of a practice

    CanLaw would never recommend anyone who behaves like this and they will never be permitted to subscribe to CanLaw

    The fact that you may get included in an email solicitation from us, does not mean you are welcome. It means we are too busy to waste time weeding scum from our lists. We weed them when they reply.


  10. Says:

    CanLaw is the number one lawyer referral service in Canada. We got that way by weeding out the riff raff like this blogster. We will never recommend losers whomever they are

  11. Michael Brice Says:
    Pribatic is not welcome on CanLaw and in fact is banned for life

    CanLaw/Inwood began sending my company unsolicited e-mails about a year ago. This person sent CanLaw offensive emails attacking CanLaw for no reason. CanLaw did not reply despite the insults and abuse

    When I contacted him to inquire as to how I could be removed from his e-mail list he launched an obscene, insulting and profanity laced tirade. Since then he has continued to send me unsolicited e-mails: here is the latest, sent July 30, 2013.

    Michael Asshole Brice
    This offer is not open to you
    Alberta Small Claims Court Agents
    Paralegal obnoxious twerp
    Calgary Alberta T2T 0A3

    Good Morning Michael

    Subscribe and CanLaw guarantees, or money refunded, that we will email new client referrals in the Calgary area directly to you. In 17 years, no one has ever asked for a refund.

    Questions? Call me at 519-439-1843

    Thank you.
    J Kirby Inwood

    Initially I was a little perturbed at the way he was treating me, then I researched him and his company. I discovered I am getting of lightly compared to the way he treated his wife, his infant son, the taxpayers who have contributed to E.I. and anyone who does not have a penis. He seems especially antagonistic toward anyone who has a law degree but no penis.

    I suspect there may be underlying medical/mental/substance abuse issues that drive his behaviour, however I find it difficult to summon any sympathy for this profoundly damaged human being.

    Pribatic is not welcome on CanLaw and in fact is banned for life

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