When it comes to advertising, traffic is the most important measurement. CanLaw has more traffic than any other legal site

Put your law practice in front of CanLaw's 85,000+ visitors each month

CanLaw attracts about 1,000,000 hits each and every month. Over 8,000 other web sites voluntarily link to CanLaw.

How CanLaw will build your law practice through Advertising, Marketing and Referral Services for Canadian Lawyers

CanLaw Advertising, Marketing and Referral Services for Canadian Lawyers


Viewers who come to the CanLaw site choose to do so and are either seeking legal help or to get a lawyer NOW.

Compare. The Yellow Pages on line can charge thousands of dollars PER MONTH for a full page ad. CanLaw charges a flat rate of only $750.00 per year for a full page colour ad. it only takes one new CanLaw client to recoup many times the cost of your CanLaw investment. That is value.


LAW SOCIETY REFERRAL SERVICES: CanLaw is better and fairer then law society phone in services. All prospective CanLaw clients can see your CanLaw listing and qualifications online at any time they wish.

Law Society phone  request referrals do not permit clients to review your qualifications and services. If you are next in line for a given type of referral you get it... then you go back to the bottom of the list. You are required to give that person a free half hour and then report the outcome in writing to the law society, (maybe not all, but most law societies including LSUC do this)

With CanLaw you are always viewable by all comers.

Other internet lawyer lists are really aimed at the profession. By all means list your email address with them if you wish... it can't hurt. But only CanLaw is designed to make it easy for CanLaw clients, both individuals and businesses to find you, review your offerings and reach you.

CanLaw clients searching for a lawyer do not need to know your name or your web site address (URL) if you have one. They can easily find you just by browsing the CanLaw site. See for yourself here. We will link your own personal home pages to your CanLaw full page listing at no charge. (This offer is not intended to permit a large law firm to obtain a link from our site simply by listing one lawyer.)

CanLaw has been on line for 19 years. We guarantee referrals for all our lawyers or money refunded. In 19 years not one lawyer has asked for a refund. Many have offered to pay MORE than we charge because they think we do not charge enough for our service.

If you want to network in Canada, start with CanLaw.

CanLaw clients see detailed information about your services immediately helping them to ascertain that you are the lawyer they need. Questions can be forwarded and answered by email saving you time and effort in screening out "tire kickers."

Having your practice listed is a very low cost alternative to creating and placing your own "home page" or "Web site" on the Internet. There are no extras. Our one flat rate covers everything you need. Reasonable changes and updates are included at no extra cost. If your address or phone changes, we will happily update your listing. With printed media you are stuck with outdated ads.

CanLaw makes detailed information about your practice, experience and services easily available via cross references in the listing by area, practice, and other related criteria. This feature represents a significant marketing advantage for the listing page subscriber over other lawyers who do not have a CanLaw listing page. For example, visitors to CanLaw can search our database for lawyers in a given area who offer the specific type of experience they require.

Publicity. CanLaw publicizes and advertises the site including your page at no cost to you. Qualified referrals self vetting Quality referrals can pay bills

The Yellow Pages are Dead.





The online version of YP is massively expensive and they force you into long term contracts.


If they are trying to sell you, they will start at a high price and will quickly reduce it by half or more if you haggle, but it is still an outrageous price.


The reps are on commission and will say anything to sell you an ad.


They have been known to place an ad even when the client refuses and then the client has a huge fight to get the ad and the billing reversed.